The Flash: 2.11 The Reverse-Flash Returns

The Reverse Flash was one of the best elements of season one, so it is not surprising that The Flash decided to bring him back for season two. They even found a (sort of) clever way of getting around the whole Eddie Thawne killing himself to prevent his descent from becoming the big bad; this was the origin story for the yellow speedster before he went back and killed Barry's mother, so those events hadn't actually taken place yet.

And for the most part it worked; the fact that Barry, Cisco and even Harrison's animosity towards Thawne sowed the seeds for his actions in the future was a great way of the heroes shaping the villain into the man he would become. We also got some great development of Cisco and metahuman Vibe. Harrison Wells created some great comic-style glasses that allowed him to enhance his powers to track the Reverse Flash and allow Barry to prevent Thawne from killing the returning Dr. Tina McGee. The twist of course that by changing history caused 'Vibe' to start to fade from existence Though I do hope that this doesn't become a convenient plot device - he wasn't impacted by Barry changing history in season one.

We also got the inevitable conclusion of the Barry / Patty romance. I've mentioned before that it was never going to last due to the inevitably of the Barry / Iris pairing but there was such great chemistry between these two characters that I would have been very happy for her to stick around for the whole season. If anything, Patty using her detective skills to deduce that Barry was the Flash made her an even stronger character. Yes there was the whole 'protect her from Zoom by keeping the truth from her' motivation, but it felt more like a plot device than a natural character moment when he denied who he really was once confronted by Patty. At least she was able to call him out on the train and I for one will miss them as a couple of this really is the end of Patty Spivot's time on the show.

Iris continued to confined to minor sub-stories this week as she visited her dying mother convinced newly discover brother Wally to connect with Francine before the end. I was slightly more intrigued by Caitlin and Jay Garrick looking for his doppleganger on Earth 1 to try and find a cure for him. With a name like Hunter Zolomon, I am sure there is far more to this world's version of Jay - Zoom perhaps - though I hope we do get see Earth 2 Jay in action as the alternate Flash some time soon.

The Reverse-Flash Returns wasn't quite the action-packed, dramatic episode I was expecting; the frantic chase between the two speedsters across Central City, the development of Cisco's powers and the reveal that this was the Reverse Flash's origin tale really helped elevate the story but it still felt like The Flash was biding its time, setting up for bigger things to come. I still feel like the show is still waiting to get going - it might be very enjoyable TV but I'm ready to get back to the heights of the latter half of season one. Can we have more moments like the end of Enter Zoom please?

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