Jessica Jones: 1.11/1.12 AKA I've Got the Blues/AKA Take a Bloody Number

Humanity sucks. They don’t deserve saving.

Hope Shlottman’s sacrifice at the end of the last episode is interrupted by flashbacks, flashbacks and more flashbacks. We see Jessica in the hospital following the fatal car accident that kills her family, her eventual adoption by Dorothy Walker (Rebecca De Mornay’s back – mini-wave and celebration!) and the genesis of her powers. This episode appears to be all about choices, those of heroes, villains and victims/survivors. Jess refuses to sleep until she visits all hospital morgues and either finds Kilgrave or his daddy, Albert - there has to be a good reason why mummy was disposable to little Kevin…


An altercation with a motor vehicle – excellent camerawork – leaves our reluctant hero with broken ribs and purple bruising, a shade not unlike the villain’s skin in the comics although rather than look like a Ribena berry; The Purple Man a.k.a Kevin tends to just wear suits in this hue. Simpson, yup he has turned up too, like a bad penny and attempts to apologise to Trish for being a violent and aggressive shit (see, I told you). We of course, know he has done a helluva lot more and it’s about to get oh so much worse. Remember his injuries and the mysterious pill-prescribing Dr. Kozlov from a few episodes back? Well, no prizes for guessing that the blonde bully becomes addicted to the combat drug. What is it with these humans who want to be super?

The scenes depicting his full unravelling is rather distressing to watch but stylishly choreographed as he, Trish and Jessica are shot, literally, bouncing each other off the walls, destroying everything in their path. He is the bellicose bloke on ‘roids; a possessive boyfriend hell bent on terrorising his partner. The extended fight sequence is intercut with yet more flashbacks and the kind of abuse Trish suffered at the hands of her own mother, giving yet more weight to why she fights. She’s a tough cookie is our Patsy but sadly, her mortality and lack of ‘super’ abilities are her undoing.

Malcolm is the idealising voice of reason in this episode. He doesn’t want to believe that humanity is lost or that empathy and sacrifice; love and hope are meaningless because then he sees no point in living. He is the antithesis of Jessica and the perfect foil for her loneliness. Can anyone smell a potential sidekick? I’ve Got the Blues is largely Kilgrave-less until the final moments when Jess receives a text telling her, her ‘boyfriend’ is in danger, which can mean only one thing…Luke.

The bar bursts into flames and unbreakable Luke with the unbreakable skin walks away relatively unscathed, at the start of episode 12, but for how long? It is quickly established that indestructible Luke isn’t that strong when it comes to the power of Kilgrave and he blew his own bar up, Jessica insists he stays with her and that he takes her bed; women can be chivalric too and also fearful of any prolonged mind-control their ex has over their new love interest (obvs). Trish begins researching IGH a company that provided Simpson with his drugs and it turns out that Mrs. Walker, mommy dearest has had dealings with them. Dorothy attempts to rekindle a relationship with her daughter by supplying integral paperwork which could offer some insight into Jessica’s history as well as Simpson’s pill-popping.


That just leaves Kilgrave. Ah, Kilgrave, simpering little shit Kevin who fluctuates between declaring his undying love for his ex and wanting her dead. He can’t control Jessica but he can use the one person she would never suspect as a deadly pawn...

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