Jessica Jones 1.07 AKA Top Shelf Perverts / 1.08 AKA WWJD?

Top Shelf Perverts follows on from her altercation with Luke, Jessica is not taking it all too well, choosing to end most nights in a drunken stupor, usually in the gutter. This provides the perfect opportunity for Kilgrave to break into Alias Investigations, use the facilities, and just generally snoop around. Reuben turns up and interrupts with his declaration of true love and token of banana bread. Oh Reubes, leg it, please.

This, and the following episode, plays with the notion of saviours; being one, needing one. Let’s face it, Jessica requires one (or two), more so when she experiences a slight meltdown – crying, screaming, admitting defeat and why not? She may have powers which make her physically stronger than most but she is still human and Lord knows, fallible. Her new idea to snare Kilgrave is, well, a little daft but she begins to put her house in order, protecting those closest to her. She visits Trish’s mother (a delightful and hopefully recurring Rebecca De Mornay) and attempts to drunkenly intimidate Wendy, Hogarth’s wife who is still reluctant to sign the divorce papers. It seems as good a time as any to go on record and state that Robin Weigert is a fabulous actress and can we have more things with her in, please?

Trish and Malcolm work together and ultimately against their friend in order to prevent that terrible idea that Jessica had, only for the villain to swoop in and “save” her. What can she do? For the sake of her friends, other innocents and the entire police force pointing guns at each other’s heads, she must go with. In AKA WWJD? Kilgrave has everything he could possible want.

He is delusional, a misogynist (and worse, a delusional misogynist); the atypical Nice Guy™ who genuinely believes his actions stem from love. Urgh! He’s disgustingly well-written and makes me so furious, I can’t see straight (shocker) – I also can’t stop watching either, kudos Melissa Rosenberg. Sadly, some of us have, or have had, men (or women) like him in our lives, okay so not superhuman but manipulative sociopaths who manage to make everything your problem and can never accept any responsibility for, well, anything. This is Tennant’s finest role in some time, I didn’t think anybody would top D’Onofrio’s Kingpin (Daredevil) but clearly, I know nothing – both are chilling depictions of men with too much power.

While Jess attempted to “try and make a shit situation tolerable” and play happy families with her nemesis, there are indications that his childhood wasn’t the happiest either. I have to say, her flashbacks are the more upsetting, not that it’s a competition, we care for her so therefore understandable. It’s a tense cohabitation. Then there’s breakfast with the nosy neighbour, Kilgrave is beguiling and his defence of Jessica to the old busybody is almost chivalrous [vom]. Alas, my dry-heaving will continue when Jessica finally confronts her rapist and he manages to explain it away by the fact that he didn’t know he was doing it. "How am I supposed to know? I don’t know what’s real or what I’m forcing somebody to do.” Puh-lease, you don’t get your own way so you make anybody do what you like; mansplaining a woman’s feelings, her evident PTSD and rape survival nothing to compare to how YOU’VE suffered. I’m surprised you don’t make yourself the victim…

Oops, I spoke too soon.

He’s repugnant, a petulant child who yearns to emotionally blackmail and violate in the name of love. Kilgrave is actually called Kevin [snigger] and, when all is said and done, Jessica still attempts to safe him by subverting his power for good. The ending of the episode happens all rather too quickly (which tends to be somewhat of a pattern) and the idyll is explosively ripped apart revealing a revelatory little power along the way. Turns out we all need saviours in some form or other.

Also, his name is Kevin!

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