Jessica Jones: 1:06 AKA You’re a Winner!

Arseholes try, I just do.

The first episode from Kilgrave’s POV sees the immaculately dressed Brit gleefully exhort large sums of cash from some poker bigwigs, but for what? I dread to even hazard a guess…

Luke’s back; beautiful, brooding Luke and he hires Jessica to find the brother of an acquaintance who may or may not have some information about his wife Reva’s death. Jessica is reluctant to take his case, her Kilgrave obsession is clouding her judgement; she wants him by any means and her impatience is leading her to think all roads/attacks/cases lead to her ex when, really, she needs to bide her time. You could, for want of a better cliché, cut the sexual tension, between Jones and Cage, with a knife.

Malcolm has kicked the heroin and is getting better every day – he truly makes an excellent sidekick, Trish continues to screw Simpson (still no love lost there for me) and her insistence on dominating him in bed is quite brilliant. Reuben, oh lovely manchild Reuben (of the oddly domesticated, creepy twins from upstairs) brings homemade banana bread as a token of his affection. Anybody else would feel blessed by the amount of concerned significant others in their life but Jess has blinkers on and then Hogarth calls to tell her about Hope Shlottman and the vicious beating she receives in prison. It turns out Hope paid for the beat down but you’ll never guess why.

Jessica is still sending photos to Kilgrave; all part of her strategy but he thinks it’s flirtation (eww), if only he knew who was in her bed when she took it. Sat in a restaurant when he views the current image, he screams for quiet and the whole place hushes to silence. He’s scanning real estate online - is this what he needs seed money for? Woe betide anyone who stands in his way. That is part of the reason why I’m still watching, he and Jessica are so determined in their respective endeavours that their final showdown should produce firework, if nothing else.

Also, how good is Krysten Ritter? She’s a revelation as Miss Jones; tough but not too hard, sardonic yet not mean (well, not to everybody). I adore the role reversals in which the men count on the women, the romance angles are categorically male-imbued i.e. it is Luke that gets attached to Jessica and not the other way around. It is sad that we are drawing 2015 to a close and this kind of thing is regarded as “refreshing”, I don’t think since Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars have we had anything even remotely similar. Jessica is like a softer Faith, only less self-destructive and less likely to sleep with your boyfriend. Having devoured the Alias graphic novel, I’m glad they are staying darker than the Pulse editions which all looks a little too Heroes-and-apple pie (don’t quote me; Santa’s bringing them for Christmas so I can confirm or deny this at a later date).

More flashbacks, not quite as tedious as the last episode in which we discover more; like why Reva Connors was with Kilgrave and Jessica the night she died and what was in the box they dug up. Can Jessica protect Luke from finding out the truth –the *actual* truth? Turns out no, and sweet Christmas, it’s painful to watch. Kilgrave gets his house and then we discover who used to live there…eww…eww…eww…freak.

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