Luther: 4.02

So, no sooner had it begun, and Luther is done with already. The bodies cold, before the turkey is even in the oven. The bridge is rebuilt, Luther can continue to stalk through the streets of London, or glower at it from the rooftops, all without the pesky narrative constraint of a romantic attachment to a wanted psychopath.

Clearly the main plot line of the identity stealing murderer is resolved, but it's the Alice Morgan storyline that we were all really interested in, right? And, unless we're willing to take the word of unsavoury and unreliable people, we're no closer to a solution to that mystery. Luther though, seems content to leave it there for now. After all, as a replacement for Alice, we have the kooky-quirky Megan Cantor, played by Laura Haddock.
She's been manipulating Luther from the start, trying to get him to complete an old investigation that traumatised her. She uses voices from beyond the dead, a stolen mobile phone, and apparently tracking down an elusive genius that Interpol has failed to catch... But sadly it felt as if we're being told how clever Megan was, instead of being shown it.

If there are more seasons to come, and things are now set up to allow this, Megan is the bargain basement Alice. She's nowhere the calibre of replacement that Rose Leslie brings us in DS Emma Lane, our Justin stand-in.

For all the endless promise of Luther, it feels now as if it it's been neutered to provide a fallback option for Idris Elba, a man who certainly doesn't need one. Personally, I'm still hoping for either Alice to return and put Megan down, or for an Alice Morgan spin-off: Who I Killed On My Summer Vacation.

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