The Apprentice 11.12. The Final

Then there were two. After twelve gruelling weeks Joseph and Vana remained to fight it out for Lord Sugar's £250k investment. Few could besmirch the finalists and now it was time to put their business plans to action. In order to win over Lord Sugar they needed to win over a room of 200 industry experts as well as produce a digital billboard and promotional video.

They would get by with some help from former contestants and Vana looked to have chosen well having brought in the likes of Richard and Charleine. Soon enough Richard had appointed himself Head of Marketing for DatePlay, the gaming/dating app. His acting was then put to the test as himself and Charleine were to grate their teeth and act as a couple in the advertising. Awkward.

At least the black and fushia logo looked classy enough though Vana's chief worry was not the marketing but the cost. Her main objective would be to persuade Lord Sugar that £250k could sustain the app development. Few agreed it would which left her with the tough choice of either asking Lord Sugar for more money or ask a venture capital firm.

Joseph preferred having a team of bezzie mates with Mergim, Brett and Gary and the ideas were painfully slow. Eventually he decided on the name 'Prime Time Plumbers' and just went with it. The logo and website both looked decidedly cheap but Joseph's greatest concern would come from the research. Renewable Technology would not be a goer for at least five years so he took the decision to switch to Smart Technology instead. A wise move.

The promo video looked about as classy as the logo. Sure, Elle joked that it looked like an 80s porn film but it really did. Elle and Mergim get home to find the heating and plumbing awry so how do you think they keep warm? Oi, oi, nudge, nudge. They call Prime Time Plumbers and almost instantly Brett arrived in a boiler suit. Thankfully they snuck in a reference to Smart Technology and despite the wooden acting the video did the job.

Aside from the worries about cost and the fact that her research sample consisted of three members of the general public Vana owned the room during her pitch. Confident and forceful, she looked the part and sounded it. Then the bombshell was dropped that she would need another round of fundraising which brought a sharp glance from Lord Sugar and hesitancy from Vana.

As ever, Joseph looked enthusiastic to the point that his face was turning bright red. He thought he smashed it and the reviews suggested so too. Having proven himself earlier in a room full of successful, corporate individuals he kept with the focus of Smart Technology and appeared to win over any doubters. Hell, he'd even exchanged business cards so he knew he could succeed winning over bigger contracts, only one man remained to win over.

Lord Sugar had the tough choice of "fixing broken hearts or broken boilers". He still had doubts over Vana's 'naïve' funding but he was open to increased fundraising. With Joseph he knew what he was getting; a personable personality and someone he saw a bit of himself in. Joseph knew that too so he snuck in a reference to Sugar's own autobiography, 'What You See Is What You Get'. Remarkably, this failed to sound corny and Joseph drove him his advantage by pointing out the quick profit of his business compared to wondering if any would ever come from Vana's.

Coming from a background in technology Lord Sugar could have stuck to what he knows with Vana. Then again he is a ruthless businessman and where there is room to expand he will take it. The service industry is new to Lord Sugar but with Joseph he has a route in, and a new business partner.

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