The Apprentice 11.10. Healthy Snacks

Whether this is a particularly poor batch of contestants or not, no-one has really stood out so far during this series. Next week it is the dreaded business plan dissections so Week 10 saw a final chance to impress Lord Sugar as PM as the teams were tasked with creating their own healthy snacks.

Such a challenge was ideal for the director of a digital marketing agency yet Richard failed to become PM and 'gym enthusiast' Brett took the mantle. Charleine had an even poorer stake as she simply claimed to know enough about them. To be fair, neither team seemed to know what they were doing and so it proved.

Brett's ideas focused on vegetable crisps, he even boldly suggested cauliflower cheese. He eventually centred on three varieties and the method of dehydration which sounded promising. Alas, that is as far as Brett's input went as Richard took control of the design and Vana took care of flavours, maybe too much as she went a teensy bit overboard with the olive oil.

Superfoods are en vogue and to Charleine's credit hitting trends was a solid approach yet the execution was lacking. The brand name 'Rejuvinator' lacked appeal and the nutritional claims they were making could not be justified. Charleine herself looked on edge throughout; failing to measure the ingredients and then hurriedly shouting them down the phone to Gary and Joseph as they tried to note them down for packaging. The fact she would break down in tears in the boardroom was barely noteworthy, it was that predictable.

Ah yes, the packaging. If trying to de-feminise the image by attempting to hide the female model's face was odious enough (she had a skirt on anyway), they would have to black out their claim of high anti-oxidants following advice from the nutritionist. This would not be the first time that unsubstantiated claims were made as Joseph would later tell downright fibs about customer feedback to try and win over ASDA. Karen's face of bemused embarrassment said it all when Joseph claimed that the public thought the product was 'amazing'. They also thought it would fail to stand out, was really dry and tasted like a 'blended up Cornetto', and not in a good way.

At least Connexus were not hiding from the fact that Vana had created a 'crisp' that should have included hand wipes. She knew it, the public knew it and the retailers especially knew it. If either team was going to gain any sales their pitches had to spot on and, like the displays in the show so far, no-one excelled. There was Brett's scary yet laughable pitch to Virgin Active which included the phrases 'calibrate the ratios' and 'iconic vegetables'. Holland and Barrett really disliked Versatile's bars to the extent that one representative actually seemed repulsed at the taste and brand name.

Perhaps it should not have come as much of a surprise that neither team secured any orders. A first for the show but these really were terrible products. Both PMs were ordered to bring someone back; Charleine chose Gary for his lack of sales while Brett brought in Richard, largely for failing to include any mention of the crucial terms 'raw' or 'dehydration'. For a task that had no winners and only losers it was a shame to see Brett go for failing to lead but at least he left as an honourable man.

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