Luther Season 4 Preview

Luther is back, literally a man on the edge. The BBC drama, written once more by Neil Cross, will be shown in two parts over the December period; part one on the 15th and part two on the 22nd of December. And there's nothing like Luther to bring a bit of Christmas cheer!

There's no denying that season three left Luther's fate dangling, as he and the deadly Alice Morgan stood on the Bridge of Symbolism, a hair's breadth from either kissing or killing each other. While some enjoyed the ambiguous ending, revelled in the possibilities of a future for them both away from our prying eyes, others felt cheated.
But what it definitely did do was disallow more episodes of Luther in the format we'd been accustomed to: A grisly crime, a grisly DCI, corners being cut and London terrorised. This mini season of two one-hour episodes facilitates that; allows a return to the character should the James Bond buzz around Idris Elba die down.

The special will see Elba co-star alongside Game Of Thrones's Rose Leslie, Fortitude's Darren Boyd, and Ripper Street's Laura Haddock and John Heffernan. Michael Smiley and Dermot Crowley will also reprise their roles as Benny Silver and DSU Martin Schenk.

Luther must navigate the memories of his past, the repercussions of his decisions, the suspicions and strictures of his former police colleagues, and in between these myriad distractions bring about the resolution of a grisly crime spree. A series of horrors designed to rob the viewer of sleep; veering from home invasion, identity theft... and cannibalism.

With only two episodes, this mini-season resolves somewhat fast, and can feel like it peters out a little towards the end of the second episode. But it's good to have DCI Luther back on our screens, Elba is truly on form, and things are set up for much more Luther in our lives.

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