Who would we like to see return to Doctor Who?

So, Clara Oswald, is no longer joining The Doctor on his travels through time and space - her death in 'Face the Raven' was as shocking as we've seen in Doctor Who - yes, even more upsetting than that of poor old Adric when he wiped out the dinosaurs. That means that Twelve is all alone in his TARDIS and, while we can expect him to meet up with his dead/living/whatever wife River Song this Christmas there is a vacancy that needs to be filled. We've come up with this list of the people from the Doctor's past we'd like to see again - be it for one-off cameos or as extended visitors to the Time Vortex...


Sally Sparrow (Carry Mulligan)

OK, this is pure fantasy but Carry Mulligan's one appearance in 2007's Blink goes down in history as one of the greatest one-offs in the history of the show. Carried entirely by Mulligan with only fleeting appearances by Tennant's Doctor, it showcased just how great an acting talent she was and while she's now huge in film with appearances in the likes of Drive and Suffragette we'd love to see more of Sally Sparrow. Such was her impact that we sometimes forget that this was the episode that also introduced us to the Weeping Angels - and while they've become less effective over time we can't ever see that being a problem with Sally Sparrow. [Colin Polonowski]


Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines)

Some TARDIS travellers 'click' with the Doctor more than others but one companion who really gelled with his Doctor (and indeed, a second incarnation too) was courageous Highlander, Jamie McCrimmon. A strong, funny, fearless and sometimes, ever so slightly naive companion to the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, Jamie came aboard the TARDIS in Troughton's, currently missing, second story 'The Highlanders'. He remained with the Doctor for the entirety of Troughton's tenure and exited, with the second Doctor, in the story, 'The War Games'.

Maybe it's because Hines and Troughton shared that rare, wonderful chemistry between actors, maybe it's because he was one of the first companions I remember seeing after 'my companions', Romana, K9, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan or maybe it's simply because he's Scottish and I'm biased but, played by the brilliant Frazer Hines, I would dearly love to see him return to the show once more. And, after all, he would find the Doctor now talks like him! [Baz Hood]


Psi (Jonathan Bailey) and Saibra (Pippa Bennett-Warner)

Time Heist might not be everyone's favourite episode of Doctor Who but it delivered two great characters in Psi and Saibra. What I loved about them were their abilities - a guy who can upload into any system and a woman who could shapeshift - and the fact that they were engaging as characters too. They might have been flawed but they had great warmth and a good chemistry with the then 'angry Twelfth Doctor'. When they got away on the TARDIS on the head I hoped they would stick around and I would love to see them return. They would be far more interesting than the usual 20th / 21st Century companions the show usually employs. [Baz Greenland]


Cass (Emma Campbell-Jones)

We only saw her for a few minutes in The Night of the Doctor - the surprise 50th Anniversary short that saw the return of Paul McGann's Doctor before his regeneration into John Hurt's previously unknown 'War Doctor' - but that small appearance cemented her in fans minds as one of the great companions that never were. Cass hated the Timelords due to their actions in the Time War - indeed, it was this that saw her sacrifice her own life and kick start the events that led to the Eighth Doctor's regeneration. It was a pretty final appearance but in a show about time travel there is very little that isn't possible and knowing how her story ends would make for an interesting dynamic.


Lucie Millier (Sheridan Smith)

Lucie Miller never appeared on screen as a companion - which is a huge shame - and one that could easily be put right! Starring alongside Paul McGann in a number of Big Finish audios, Sheridan Smith, became one of fandoms favourite companions and perfect foil for the Eighth Doctor. Smith is one of the UKs most accomplished actresses having made the transition from comedy to heavyweight drama without batting an eyelid and we reckon the Twelfth Doctor should pick her up for some new adventures - maybe with Paul McGann in tow? [CP]


Susan Foreman (Carol Ann Ford)

Who DOESN'T want to find out what happened to the Doctor's granddaughter after they parted ways in the Dalek Invasion of Earth back in 1964? Being his granddaughter she is Gallifreyan in origin and even Peter Capaldi would love to revisit her story. Her existence has occasionally been referenced in the show - but we have no idea what actually became of her; did she regenerate? Is she still on Earth? There are so many questions and Steven Moffat has proven he's not afraid to delve into the Doctor's past so when better to bring her back than now? [CP]


Jenny (Georgia Moffett)

Georgia Moffett's Jenny was famously supposed to die at the end of The Doctor's Daughter but a certain Steven Moffat asked that Russell T Davies changed the ending to allow her to live. Actually a clone of sorts of Tennant's Doctor rather than a true Doctor, she shares Timelord DNA and was last seen disappearing into space on her own adventures. Jenny was a strong character in an episode that was heavy on ideas but didn't quite deliver and we'd love to see her team up with Capaldi's Doctor for some more satisfying stories. Bringing her back would be easy - both in plot terms AND in terms of logistics given she's intrisictly linked to the Whoniverse being Peter Davison's real-life daughter and David Tennant's wife - surely she'd jump at the chance for another shot.


Flip Jackson (Lisa Greenwood)

Londoner, Flip, became a companion of Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor via the Big Finish audios and for a while fans thought she had died in her final adventure as a regular; however this was later revealed not to be the case and she survived thanks to the actions of the Doctor. Last we heard was she was back in her own time on Earth - so how about popping by in the TARDIS and picking her up for a few more adventures. Lisa Greenwood has a fair amount of TV experience having appeared in Call the Midwife and The Hour and we'd love to see her team up with Peter Capaldi. [CP]


Rigsy (Joivan Wade)

Its clear fans love Rigsy - he's only appeared twice, once in the Doctor-light Flatline and most recently in Clara's final episode, Face The Raven. He's got the experience with aliens to become a regular companion and it'd be interesting to have the dynamic of a male companion on the TARDIS again - the last would be Arthur Darvil's Rory back in the Matt Smith days. We'd be pretty surprised if he didn't appear again next year once the bombast of the finale and Christmas Special are out of the way. [CP]


Ian Chesterton (William Russell)

What a missed opportunity we had with the last couple of seasons - we were back at Coal Hill School where Clara was a teacher; AND where a certain I. Chesterton was Chairman of the Governors. It would have been such a wonderful nod back to the past if he had some screen time in 'Day of the Doctor' or even managed one final trip in the TARDIS with Matt Smith's Eleventh OR Peter Capaldi. It's not too late - someone has to break the news that Clara won't be back; so why not have Capaldi return to the school to meet his old travelling companion and do just that? [CP]


The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)

There weren't a lot of fans of the TV movie but everyone agreed that Paul McGann was brilliant and his surprise return in the 50th anniversary minisode Night Of The Doctor was seven minutes of perfection. His on-going Big Finish audio adventures are brilliant too. I'd even go as far as to state he's one of my favourite Doctors. McGann deserves more screen time and now that Peter Capaldi has spent two years settling in, now is the time to bring him back. Connect him to a story set at the outbreak of the Time War? Or just a fantastic two-part Two Doctors adventure with the Twelfth Doctor. I don't mind, just give him the chance to shine for mainstream audiences in a way that he has never fully achieved. As for his companion - Colin's already suggested it. Lucie Miller is a wonderful, brash, fun Big Finish companion and she would certainly shake things up. [BG]

Doctor Who

The long-running BBC TV science fiction series that started in 1963 and recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 2017 saw Peter Capaldi regenerate into the show's first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. The Thirteenth Doctor's first season debuts in 2018, with Chris Chibnall replacing Steven Moffat as the current showrunner.

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