The Apprentice 11.09. Luxury Apartments

At times during this series you can wonder why anyone would buy a chocolate bar from the candidates. This time it was £1.5m luxury flats as the teams were tasked with becoming sales executives for high and mid-range London apartments. Quite the big deal then.

Leading Versatile was Joseph following his property rentals experience and immediately he was forced to intervene between Selina and Charleine's bickering, a sign of things to come. Richard had been an estate agent during university so became PM for Connexus and made the wise choice of pairing with Vana.

These decisions would prove crucial as Vana particularly helped Connexus gain the lucrative contract of showcasing the apartments in Canary Wharf. Not by any real patter but by understanding architecture and being engaging. Then there was Joseph who looked kinda bored and seemed solely interested in the bottom line of his commission. He would later ask for a 4% commission WITH BONUS which was frankly, insulting and he was bluntly put down to 1.5%. No surprise then that Richard and Vana were described as 'more polished'; these were homes they were selling, not headphones.

Alas for Connexus they had Scott and Brett looking over the mid-range apartments. Almost immediately Scott looked out of his depth; struggling with his words and facts without any real idea of what the gaps in the show flat were to be filled with. Was it a fridge or a wardrobe? Who knew? Certainly not Scott. This was in stark contrast to Charleine who made it look so easy as she soon secured a £350k deal.

Selina was also struggling to back up her sales talk as one clued up client quizzed her on the 'average square foot value in Stratford'. Her silence proved she hadn't done her research. Scott had but statements like describing Clapham as "very highly populated by everybody" is a little worrying, as is a fish n chip shop used as a selling point.

Richard and Vana were working with a showroom building site and without a floor plan yet were still charming. As a white Rolls Royce parked up they somehow secured a deal on a £1.4m three bed apartment with a parking space thrown in from a scribbled floor plan. Sterling work. Brett was not having such luck; a likely deal was foiled by Karren pointing out that the actual view would look out onto a wall. Similarly for Gary who would lead a couple to the roof only to show them a train noisily going past and the grim sights of Lewisham. Even Joseph managed to secure a deal having thrown in a 1% discount.

The difference between the two teams had been set at the start. Having secured the Canary Whatf site and the tidy £1.4m deal Connexus romped home with a total commission of £76, 626.28 to Versatile's £29, 560.25. The drama was yet to come as Scott decided this was the end of the road and asked to leave then stormed out. Honourable but a little perplexing so far into the competition. That left Lord Sugar a relatively easy decision to fire Selina, mainly for her disruptive and manipulative ways. Only six remain.

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