The Box

What’s in the box? Nothing overly exciting in itself, and definitely not a reveal with the shattering effect seen in John Doe’s grand plan, but a firm step forward for the super-weapon we first saw at the back end of season 2; namely the weapon seemingly controllable only by Peter (how much of the weapon is he?) in conjunction with a number of looks at alternate Olivia masquerading as ours and her ability (or lack thereof as I’ll touch on later) to fit in.

The box of the title emits a signal at a frequency imperceptible to human ears but affecting them such that they enter a vegetative trance and ultimately expire. In one case, this expiration occurs via a Scanners-like head explosion. It’s the dental fillings, according to Walter. More a macguffin than actual piece of the puzzle, the appearance of the box makes us aware that the weapon the Alterniverse want to use to destroy our world (supposedly – it’s the theory the characters are running with right now – I’m not so sure, I mean, the alternates want to live in our unspoiled world, right?) is comprised of multiple parts which are either only present in our universe (so how does Walternate have the blueprint given he hasn’t dimension-hopped), spread between universes (have people in the past travelled between worlds) or an equivalent piece is found in each world (or could be, once). Whichever way, by the end Peter is engaged in the puzzle of the technology and how it all goes together – seemingly this is what Walternate has desired all along; maybe Peter is going to gather the bits and complete the weapon only he can control. Then what?

Olivia to this reviewer is clearly not behaving as we know Olivia should, but nothing yet has been noticed by any of her partners and friends – and Peter is clearly just hoping for some action so is less inclined to observe anything that’s happening. Frankly, I don’t blame him – this alternate Olivia is happy to do whatever it takes to ensure her mission is accomplished. However, she must quickly settle, learn and act more becalmed as per our Olivia if she is to manage that though. Subtlety might help, too. I wonder if it’s over-egged slightly to make sure any viewer turning on half-way through an episode without the back-story can see what’s going on. If that’s true I have to believe given the writers’ track record things are also done purposefully for the story and characters, too, to some extent.

The big news in this episode is Walter’s inheritance. Massive Dynamic! Predictable, but oh my will this set the cat amongst the pigeons. Not only should it be fantastic for us the viewer given how ridiculously awesome it is just imagining Walter in charge of a multi-national R&D industry at the very cutting edge of science, but also what does it mean for the Fringe investigations etc.? A nice way to freshen up the series whilst not going totally overboard.

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