Jessica Jones: 1.02 AKA Crush Syndrome

Kicking off a few hours after the startling events of episode one, early scenes of 'AKA Crush Syndrome' spends a lot of time setting up various plot strands and relationships but some of the pace has gone.

However, the episode is not without brilliant moments and Jessica's early meeting with Hope in prison is chilling. Kilgrave is seeking out talented people, using them, manipulating them. Hope is a very damaged character and the scene is tense and both actresses are especially fantastic in this scene.

The flashback to Kilgrave's supposed demise is quick and exciting but not as dramatic as we had been lead to believe. That is to say, the bus flipping looks cool, but it feels like Jessica could very easily have checked whether or not Kilgrave was dead no matter how frightened she was.

Jessica is becoming increasingly unhinged and at risk of losing control of her powers as the dark shadow of Kilgrave continues to hang over the story. Ritter continues to walk that fine line between strength and fragility and really is just wonderful in the role, especially in a scene involving another of Kilgrave's victims.

The episode has funny moments too. The encounter with the twins upstairs and Jessica's undercover work at the hospital are both fun and characterful moments. "Do you know why I live alone?" "People don't like you?" "People distract me."

We learn more about Mike Colter's Luke Cage and technically get our first Netflix superhero team up in the bar fight. Cage's bored expression during the bar fight is brilliant. It's funny, the action is neat and gives life to an episode that otherwise lacks the urgency of the season opener. The final moments of the episode between the pair are exciting as well, and show the two growing closer.

This is a good episode that puts a few new chess pieces on the board but it doesn't grip you by the unmentionables in the same manor as the first episode... until its last few minutes and the first proper appearance of Kilgrave. What a chilling villain he really is going to be.


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