The Apprentice 11.08. Children's Parties

Party planning is big business and children can be the most demanding of clients. This week's task married the two; plan a kid's birthday party from a £2000 budget which is easier said than done. Activities, food, games, cake and party bags; so much to plan and so many ways to mess up. At least Lord Sugar made one element simple as he picked Selina for PM due to her events background and Gary as he wants to start an events company.

The clients themselves looked pretty genial, attention needed to be paid to the parents. Gary was patient enough with Jamal and created a rapport with his parents; Julie and Yusuf. Outdoor activities were agreed and they noted down a severe nut allergy belonging to his mother. Alas, Selina could not help rifling off ideas so the 'not too girly' Nicole had a sports day to look forward to and no contact details noted down for her Mum, Melissa. Ooops.

This was supposed to be a party but neither group looked to be having any fun. The sports arena felt more like a school gym, even if Brett had dressed up as an oversized umpire. Luckily Versatile had David who had prior experience organising outdoor activities and it showed as he quickly imposed some rules. No climbing to the top and a no running at all policy. Even the parents were bored as David asked "Are you enjoying it so far?" straight after telling the kids not to put their hands where they're not supposed to. To sum it up, while Brett was singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' on the girls' bus, David was trying to get the boys' bus to sing the hokey cokey. Excruciating.

After being such sticklers you would have thought Versatile would be extra careful when it came to a nut allergy, only no-one was quite sure if the chocolate spread on the cake contained nuts. Eventually Julie cut a forlorn figure as she stayed well clear, at her own son's birthday party. Luckily Connexus had Richard baking their cake and he let everyone knew about it, haranguing Vana for even suggesting he wasn't looking after it yet he took an age over the burgers.

Party bags and memorable extras were where each team could upsell and both largely failed. Julie and Yusuf understandably refused to pay £175 on some shoddily produced personalised t-shirts from David and only paid £60 for the goodie bags even if they did include plastic sunglasses and glow sticks. Of course, Selina could not call Melissa to discuss ANYTHING so it was pretty amusing that she should refuse to pay for any goodie bags.

Neither team shone but Connexus scraped through by £614.21 to Versatile's £396.20. Lord Sugar knew how poor they had performed and kept all four of them back even though Charleine thought she was good to go. After failing to impress, failing to measure cut steel and failing to produce personalised t-shirts David was fired.

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