The Apprentice 11.06. Handymen

Just how many of the candidates would you trust with a paintbrush and power washer? This week we found out as the teams were provided with kitted out white vans and tasked with setting up and running their own handyman business.

To avoid the squabbling, Lord Sugar simply chose Brett and Elle as PMs due to their employment background. Elle works in construction and is generally adept at ensuring other workers do their jobs, perfect. Only while deciding their strategy she forgot the deadline to produce a flyer, not a great start. Once again thinking outside of the box, Mergim quickly wrote out some flyers and simply placed them in shop windows, good lad.

Lord Sugar had set up two contract jobs for the teams to price up and fight over. The first was at Theatre Royal; a relatively simple makeover of their costume department. With dithering Sam in charge of pricing and Brett firing measurements and ply wood types at him it was hardly a shock to see both struggling to work out a quote in front of the customer.

Connexus were much more professional yet their quote of £560 was eventually wittled down to £375 by Richard and some sneaky negotiation from the theatre. Eventually Elle admitted she lacked 'hands on experience' so nominated Joseph and he excelled; David was shown how to correctly measure a length of pole and Elle herself was shown how to paint. Yes, it really was that simple.

The other contract job was at Dulwich Hamlet FC. The task; power wash the stand and paint out the hazard lines. Versatile managed to insult the customer with their quote of the nice round number of £500, which brought out the startled reply of 'HOW MUCH!?'. After totting up wages, VAT, mark up, the added cost of hot air from Selina, Brett stumbled upon the price of £480.70. Deal.

At least Brett was working from a £20 per hour, per person wage. Versatile were charging £10 per hour BETWEEN THREE OF THEM. Business acumen was not their forte, they were simply happy to get stuck in. Then again, you get what you pay for, in this case Mergim creating his own holes by screwing in nails trying to put up a shelf at an opticians. He would later paint over the sign of a tailoring shop, knocking off £30 from a job. Oops.

While Versatile were turning in shoddy work Connexus were being honest about their output. They failed to paint the hazard lines at the football club but still pulled in £440. Despite Scott thinking he was on Garden ER, Vana scaled down a job to clearing a backyard and pulled it off. Towards the end they would be mowing lawns to keep the money rolling in to the total amount of £1,050.08. Versatile barely made half that at £530.01, little surprise considering their cheap labour.

Back in the boardroom there was a first, due to glowing reports Lord Sugar actually made a point that Joseph would be staying. That made a nice change. Another first was a triple whammy firing. Not so nice. First to go was Elle, she was PM after all. Despite the sob story of his Albanian background, Mergim was shown the door but Lord Sugar will 'stay in touch'. Finally there was no second chance for April which meant a lonely ride home for David.

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