The Flash: 2.05 The Darkness and the Light

After a lot of teasing around the multiverse and Harrison Well's return, this week's episode of The Flash got down to business by bringing the alternate Wells to the attention of everyone at Star Labs, helping to develop the world of Earth 2 and the villainous Zoom and finally bring Cisco's powers were finally discovered...

The Darkness And The Light was a great episode for driving the story forward, even if the main threat was a little flat'; an alternate version of Barry's ex girlfriend, Linda Park, who in Earth 2 was a petty criminal who had gained the ability to focus light beams to bling her victims. In truth the costume was a little naff with the 90's style visor and Earth 2's villainous Linda had less sass than the main Linda. But her powers did get the upperhand on Barry - to a very amusing effect - while we also learned more about Zoom; using her as a trap to kill the Flash in this universe.

Barry getting blinded led to the wonderful date between him and Patty, with Cisco providing audio and visual support as Barry hopelessly tried to be discreet behind the sunglasses. There was real chemistry between these two - far more than he had with Linda or Iris and while the latter is obvious the end game in the romance stakes I hope he sticks with Patty for a while yet. Cisco's running commentary was fantastic and I loved that she used her detective skills to deduce that he couldn't see her; it was another reminder of why The Flash is so much fun to watch every week.

Cisco hiding his abilities I found a little unnecessary - there was never a chance that the rest of the team at Star Labs would do anything but support him - so I was glad that this was out in the open after five episodes. Even better it was Wells who 'outed' him, proving that he could as much the bad guy even when he is on the good guys team.

If anything, I prefer this version of Wells; yes he is an arrogant, self-obsessed arsehole but he is motivated, intelligent and able to get to the crux of the situation quickly. Just as interesting, was his utter lack of caring that he wore the face of the man who killed Cisco in another reality, forced Iris's fiance to die and was generally an all-round villain. By still causing the Star Labs explosion in Earth 2, he is still at fault for the creation of all the Meta Humans and there was real animosity between him and Jay Garrick too.

While Teddy Sears made a good impression as Garrick at the start of season two, his Flash hasn't really done anything since. He had just one piece of advice for Barry on the use of his powers and powerless himself he has barely been a presence since. His casual flirtation with Caitlin also felt out of place - was she really getting over Ronnie that quickly or was he a subconscious potential rebound? Either way, his decision to return to Earth 2 rather than work alongside Wells wasn't really a cause for disappointment and I hope that the next time we see him he is back super-powered as the alternate Flash.

Finally we got out first look at Zoom and he looks truly evil. A dark, twisted version of Barry Allen's Flash he looks more than a match for our heroes and that is what a great villain should be. Kidnapping alternate Well's daughter too is surely to add personal drama for Wells in the fight ahead. With Dr Light captured and Barry agreeing to Well's plan to bait Zoom, I can't help but think this is all going to go horribly wrong.

So while the central Meta Human didn't make too much of an effect, it was still a strong episode thanks to the arrival of Harrison Wells into the proceedings. There was plenty of drama and comedy that The Flash does so well and things seem to be building nicely. Oh and Kendra Saunders, the woman serving Cisco coffee - that was an interesting development. Just what is Hawkgirl doing serving coffee in Central City? Let's see what next week's ominously titled Enter Zoom brings...

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