The Apprentice 11.04. The Pet Show

Pampering pets is big business these days, apparently. Lord Sugar is keen to cash in and has sent his minions to the London Pet Show to scope the right products and sell them for a profit. One high-end product and two smaller items, but which ones will they choose and who will be fired?

The choice of captains was relatively straightforward; Scott has a dog and does sales while David sells events tickets and loves animals. Sorted. The decision over which smaller items to get was far more convoluted. There was the hi-vis chicken jacket to which Vana asked whether it would be useful for chickens that cross the road, with a straight face too. The pet fragrances, for humans to disguise the smell of their pets, not for cats to strut their stuff. The eco-friendly poop bags...

There were actually items that were worth selling and each team had a different strategy to bowl over the seller. David's team gushed over the cute animal balloons and kitschy giant face t-shirts with all the enthusiasm of children at Christmas. Meanwhile Brett was left to 'negotiate' which meant aggressively working out pricing points and trying to threaten deals. Hmm. Who would you go into partnership with? David's pandering had worked and he scored the animal balloons and t-shirts while Scott's team were left with microwaveable heat-pads and cat toys.

All was not lost though. Score big on the higher-end products and the smaller items are blown out of the water. That's if your sales team are on point yet Selina visibly could not be bothered with the cat towers and Ruth was too bothered if anything as she chitchatted her way to no sales. David's team seemed to centre on traffic as they eventually concentrated on the balloons at £5 each instead of the £25 t-shirts. In the end they managed to sell five dog sofas which made the telling difference.

With the cat towers proving harder to shift, Lord Sugar had a difficult decision to make. Ruth had the enthusiasm but failed to secure any sales, Selina had proven difficult to work with. She even squabbled over whether her one sale was actually hers or credited to Scott then fought her own corner a little too aggressively. At least she showed some fight which earned a reprieve but nicey nice Ruth with her Technicolor jacket was shown the door.

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