The Walking Dead: 6.03 Thank You

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The third episode in series 6 "Thank you" again takes place during the events of a single day, another action packed, relentless ride, with the series having no signs of slowing down.

The episode features the primary cast, with the "away team" looking to wrangle up the herd of walkers that broke off from the rest in episode one. We focus on Michonne, Glenn, Nick and a few other Alexandria extras.

A minor complaint I have with this episode that has taken place far too often as of late, is any minor character that disagrees with the way Rick runs the show is almost instantly killed. We understand as a viewer that Rick knows the dangers better than any of Alexandria's inhabitants, but this always seems a little ridiculous.

In Standard The Walking Dead fashion, most of these extras are killed off throughout the episode due to walker attacks and the crew dwindle in numbers.
In an attempt to distract the horde, Glenn and Nick set up a plan to burn a building as a means of diverting attention from Alexandria.

Michonne and Co manage to escape and find their way back to a now half destroyed Alexandria, At this point knowing exactly when each part is taking place chronologically is rather difficult, so we are unsure what they will encounter on arrival.


Now to the biggest event, the catastrophic incident that will leave fans saddened and angry.
Glenn and Nick's plan does not work, they are both trapped by Walkers and jump on a dumpster to escape the horde.

Suddenly Nick freezes in a state of fear and just as Glenn tries to pull him out of it, Nick pulls a gun on himself and ends his own life, pulling Glenn to his demise with him, tearing out the heart of every The walking Dead fan across the globe.
For a moment we hope that Glenn would have jumped to his feet, and managed to somehow escape the hordes grasp, but slowly we see them towering over him and devouring his flesh.

A part of me hopes that Nick had actually, unknowingly saved Glenn's life by using himself as a human shield against the walkers, covering Glenn with blood, and it was Nick's body being torn apart (we know that copious amounts of gore covering a survivor previously has stopped Walkers in their tracks), Alas I think this may be wishful thinking.

Looking back from our first encounter with Maggie, she had everyone she needed by her side, yet as each season progressed they all were killed off. Can anything really get any worse for her?

Rick had left the main group in an attempt to pick up an RV, gain the walkers attention and bring them back away from home.
On the way Rick kills a few walkers along the road and takes an injury to his hand but it doesn't seem to be a big deal, however later on we see him in the RV holding the hand, seemingly very distraught. Has Rick been bitten? and is the show going to follow suit from the comics with Rick amputating his own hand?


Successful in his mission to collect the RV he stops in the middle of a road, bullets spray through the RV as Rick is attacked by Wolves (the same group who had previously been allowed to live by Morgan in "JSS"), Rick manages to kill two and then brutally mows down the rest who are waiting outside in ambush.

At-least now we know that they will not be returning to base and informing the rest of the Wolves to what they have seen, but it shows that Morgan refusing to kill anyone isn't doing the group any favors.

During the gunfight against the Wolves the RV takes a couple of bullets, killing the engine. Rick is left unable to move as the camera zooms out showing the horde of walkers hastily approaching, ending another episode on an exciting cliffhanger.

The Walking Dead's initial three episodes have been of an immensely high standard, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat, we can only wait and see whether the next few can keep up. With so many plot points yet to be resolved, Carol fighting in Alexandria, Rick trapped by the RV and Daryl leading a relentless gang of walkers, all we can do is patiently wait for episode four.

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