The Walking Dead: 6.02 JSS

The intro to this episode centers around Enid and the struggle she endured before arriving at Alexandria. After seeing her parents eaten by walkers, she has to survive alone, staying alive by any means necessary. As she travels she scrawls "JSS" wherever she can, from using a stick and writing it in the dirt to spelling it out with the bones of a turtle she had to eat. The opening gives the viewer a better insight into the character and why she acts in such a shielded manner.

Episode 2 starts fairly quiet, after the tense conclusion to "First Time Again", it would be safe to assume that the mass zombie horde would suddenly be bursting through Alexandria's walls. Instead we see Carol giving fellow characters cooking advice and Jessie dealing with the aftermath of the previous seasons finale, all is pleasant enough, by The Walking Dead standards, in the safe haven of the town.

During a particularity quiet scene, featuring Carol cooking a dinner, everything changes, and we see Rick's Fears come to light. Yet this does not come from the walker horde that we expected. Molotov Cocktails fly over the city walls, machete wielding maniacs slice through the towns unsuspecting inhabitants, and panic flows through the streets. The Wolves are back and are here to take Alexandria. The sound of the horn, re-routing the walkers at the end of the previous episode, not an alarm raised by a scared or vindictive occupant of the city, but the horn from a lorry that had crashed during the the Wolves raid.


Usually at this point we would expect to see Rick, Glenn and Daryl turn up, kill the invaders, and sort the problem. however they are away, most of the townsfolk have never seen conflict and things are looking very bad, yet for one saving grace. Carol, a character that has proven time and time again to be one of the best at dealing with dangerous situations, jumps into action as a one woman Army. Within minutes of the invasion beginning, she has already donned a Wolves outfit and is dealing with the whole invasion single-handedly.

Morgan makes a return during the chaos and manages to incapacitate a number of Wolves in a non-lethal manner, letting a few of the crazed madmen simply walk away. Is there a reason for Morgan's unwillingness to kill any of the Wolves, does he believe these people will change, and does he not see the impending threat he has created by letting a raid return alive? Two of the Wolves he encounters in the episode have previously put him in harm's way, he escaped an attempt on his life during the season five finale, and this is the second chance he has let them live to tell the tale.


Mainly through Carol's heroic efforts the invasion is thwarted and calm returns to the streets, with the remaining survivors commencing a clean up operation. A letter drops through the letterbox into Carl's house and we see the meaning behind JSS, "Just Survive Somehow".

Just how long will some characters will survive remains to be seen, with a horde of walkers quickly approaching and Wolves managing to escape alive, things are looking uneasy. A likely outcome being the end of Alexandria.

Overall a solid start to season 2, Carol, who again proves herself to be one of the shows best characters, steals the show throughout. The majority of the primary cast do not feature at all within the episode, but that's Fine, Carol is here and she's all we need. With two major disasters happening back to back over the first two episodes, things will not be easy for Rick and his not so merry bunch of travelers.

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