The Walking Dead: 6.01 First Time Again

Season 6 of The Walking Dead starts a few days after the dramatic finale of season 5, with Rick Grime's dark grasp taking hold on the town of Alexandria. Flashbacks (filmed in black and white) take place throughout a huge amount of the episode, filling in the gaps of our time away.

Early during the episode, we see why Alexandria has seemingly been such a safe haven over the years. Along with the walls a large quarry, within short distance of the town had become filmed with trapped walkers, drawn in from the sound of their deceased brethren.

Rick sees this new threat as a reason to act, and assert his dominance over the group, a plan to simply walk the zombies away from town, in a giant herd. The rest of the episodes present day events, show how the zombie parade plan comes together.


Primary conflict within the episode comes from Carter, a character who appeared seemingly out of nowhere, alongside a search team who had been "away" during the previous seasons proceedings. Carter's purpose within the episode was to re-acquaint the audience with the strong power Rick now holds over the town. The townsfolk either get in line, or will see a grizzly end.

Carter disagrees with ricks plan, taking it upon himself to form a coup, yet we see this plan quickly unfold, with Carter eventually falling in line behind rick.

Morgan and Rick's relationship within the episode has tension forming, yet we don't see this come to fruition during the episode, just a few disapproving muttered words. During the season we expect Rick and Morgan to come to blows, and this episode built the foundations for what's to come.


The conclusion of the episode saw Carter's face get chewed on by a walker, with Rick putting him down to stop his screaming. An act that Rick knew would eventually happen, without him being seen as a villain.

And then we have the horn, sounded by someone in the town, smashing Rick's plans at the last moment, drawing the herd right back to Alexandria. Who was looking to put everyone in danger, just to unravel Rick's plan?, Gabriel could be a likely contender, alongside Ron looking to get revenge for his Father.

A strong season premier, retreading old themes and bringing the audience up to date with all events, whilst also establishing the chaos that will unfold in episodes to come. We'll expect to see Alexandria's biggest threat in episode two.

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