The Great British Bake Off - 6x08 - LIVE BLOG!

Can you believe that we're already eight episodes in? It seems like only yesterday we were discovering Nadiya's facial expressions, feeling weak in the knees after catching a glimpse of Tamal and reading scandals about Marie being the one who is CLEARLY going to win because she had a week long lesson in pastry 40 years ago in France. Ah, the memories.

Patisserie is always a slightly jarring week for two reasons. One, not to get all UKIP on you but it's actually a French discipline so feels at odds in The Great British Bake Off. Secondly, and more importantly, it's the kind of thing that a normal person at home wouldn't bake. No one usually makes three types of choux petits-fours or two types of entremets at home - they just make whopping big cakes and everyone's happy. This episode they're definitely veering more into unknown territory, which makes it SO much fun to watch.

Recommended GBBO snacks are teeny tiny tarts from Patisserie Valerie, but I've actually got a big bag of Maltesers and some Aero yogurts. Let's go!

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