The Great British Bake Off - 6x06 - LIVE BLOG!

Hello, and welcome to another The Great British Bake Off liveblog!

This week is pastry week. This means two things - firstly, if you play any kind of GBBO drinking game you are going to be absolutely wasted by the end of this episode because there are slightly naughty puns ahoy during pastry week. Less excitingly it means I am going to get angrier and angrier at stupid bakers making obvious mistakes, and the show pretending pastry is OMG SO HARD when actually it's just a case of following a recipe.

Suggested snacks this week are croissants, sausage rolls and a nice fruit tart, although once again I have failed to prepare and therefore will be sadly chomping on a KitKat.

On your marks, get set...bake!

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