Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience: 5.02 Vets

You might not know it but Rhod Gilbert has been trying out the worst and the best of the UK’s jobs for five series now. Halfway through this fifth set of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience is a good time to take note of what an excellent little gem this show is.

If you’re not familiar with the concept it’s very simple: Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert tries out a different job in each episode. That's it. It all started five years ago when Gilbert introduced the nation to the concept of “bin juice” whilst roaming the streets of Barry with the local dustbin collectors. Honestly, it was a great half hour of television and delivered the core concept of the show: Gilbert throws himself into everything.

This week Vets are having to put up with his punnery, but we all know what happens at a vets surgery right? We’ve seen enough animal shows on telly, including the one we don’t really talk about anymore with the antipodean host. This is different though, most “reality” shows are pretty emotionally manipulative, but Gilbert’s take is uniquely honest. A sample of this week’s adventures: artificially inseminating a horny pig; performing a hysterectomy on Poppy the wiry terrier; Gilbert inserting his finger into another dog’s anus.

Front and centre to all this is the Welsh stand-up himself, oh, and his audience. The camera is there, not shying away from anything, the disgustingness of dog pooh, or the genuine heartbreak of Oscar the rescue dog being put to sleep. Tears all round, including Gilbert who had only met the dog the day before. He really does throw himself into these things, not ducking any challenge or taking any shortcuts, it’s admirable stuff.

Sometime Gilbert’s puntastic voiceover is a bit much but his reaction to the situations he finds himself in is real; at times he’s deeply baffled by the jobs these people have to do. It amuses and educates in equal measures and is absolutely worth an hour of your time at 10pm next Wednesday. He’s giving being a Hotelier at go.

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