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No Season Seven For Community

Community has always had its ups and downs, with the departure of series creator Dan Harmon in season four (he returned a year later), its cancellation by NBC after season five and resurrection on Yahoo for season six. Now Joel McHale (Jeff) has confirmed in an interview to Washington D.C. magazine Metro Weekly that Community will not be back for a seventh.

"No. [Yahoo] wanted to." McHale told the Metro. "But all of our contracts were up after six years. All the actors on the show, almost without exception — their stock has risen significantly and it’s out of the pay rate that is affordable to make the show. So you’re not going to be able to get Alison Brie or Gillian Jacobs at a normal television salary anymore. There is just not enough money to be able to pay for the show."

The mantra of Community was always six seasons and a movie. Perhaps this is the route the show will take next? It would certainly enable the cast to receive 'higher pay scales'. After all, the cast are busy these days. Joel McHale has a certain revival of The X Files he's currently involved with.

Still, six seasons is pretty good and if you haven't had the chance to catch Community yet, they're all on Netflix and Amazon Prime. You're in for a treat...

The X Files

Chris Carter's The X Files was the cultural zeitgeist of the 1990s, turning Mulder and Scully into television heroes. With its mix of aliens, conspiracies, monsters and serial killers, it revolutionised cult television and returned for new six-part revival in 2016 and another 10 episodes in 2018. Check out our 'The X Files Revisited', reviewing key episodes from across all seasons and both movies and our weekly reviews of season 11.

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