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The Lone Gunmen To Return For The X Files Revival

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Death it seems is no obstacle. Not only is William B Davis' Cigarette Smoking Man returning for 'season ten' of The X Files despite being blown up in the series / season nine finale, but so are the Lone Gunmen. These long term allies of Mulder and Scully were previously killed off in the final season of the original run.

Dean Hugland (Richard Langly) confirmed to Televised Revolution that all three actors would be back. “Today, they contacted us. We’re shooting July 28. The Gunmen are in the final six.

Bruce Harwood (John Fitzgerald Byers) and Tom Braidwood (Melvin Frohike) will join Hugland, but one actor who won't is season eight and nine regular Robert Patrick, the man who replaced Fox Mulder as Agent John Doggett.

Robert Patrick confirmed to TV Line at Comic-Con that Agent Doggett will not turn up in Fox’s forthcoming X-Files revival. TV Line assumes the same will be the case for Annabeth Gish’s Reyes.

However, there will be two new agents in this season; Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) will appear in episode four. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Amell will play ‘smart’ and ‘smooth’ Agent Miller while Ambrose will be Agent Einstein, described as ‘sharp’ and ‘confident.’

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More on The X Files

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