Fortitude: 1.09

The doubts placed in our minds in the previous episodes are no more: No more tupilaqs or demons or spirits. Bit by bit the science is coming in, and while the cause may not be pollutants affecting the reindeer, polar bears and other inhabitants of Fortitude, scientists Vincent and Nathalie are finally about to do some blood tests on the culprits of the bloody attacks. Attacks which are spreading wildly; with now Jason and Ronnie looking fully in the clutches of the permafrost death plague. Elsewhere, Billy Pettigrew’s find is revealed to be not a well of gas or oil, but a mammoth’s graveyard. A graveyard filled with as much pestilence as prehistoric pachyderms, slowly emerging from the ice and helpfully brought into the community by Liam and the curiously immune Carrie.
The real drama of the episode though was Morton going to find Henry on the glacier, where he had gone to die. In an excellent turn for Gambon and Tucci, the episode principally hinged on their smaller, more personal struggle. Morton wanted answers, but Henry’s desire to die was stronger and he wasn’t to be stopped. Even if it meant shooting DCI Morton in the gut. While the detective bled painfully, agonising whether to accept Henry’s offer of morphine and railing against the injustice of his imminent demise, Henry waxed philosophical. A wash of small truths emerged, and one large one: He revealed that he was secretly Dan’s father, an interesting illumination on their relationship. This strong acting turn ended with Henry begrudgingly calling Dan to help Morton without revealing that he was his father, and then blowing his brains across the snow.

So, with Eccleston and Gambon dead, two out of the three big name actors are gone. The Sheriff has to decide whether to rescue Morton and thereby put himself and Erik in the crosshairs, Morton is bleeding out and Fortitude is finally in quarantine. Killer are on the prowl and there are likely more deaths to come. Fortitude is building to a bloody climax.

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