The Walking Dead: 5.15 Try

Spoilers ahead. Only read if you’re up to date with the show on Fox UK.

There have been tough times for people that have stuck with The Walking Dead from the start, the obvious one is the time spent on Hershel's farm but also some of the Governor storyline. If you’re one of the ones that stuck with it though now is a golden time for the show. The last five years of viewing are all contributing to the impact of the Alexandria setting.

Let’s get the little stuff out of the way, the Walkers with the W (or is it an upside down M?) scratched in their heads is surely coming to a conclusion next week; Aaron and Daryl can’t stay out there wandering around forever. Then there’s Sasha’s mini-meltdown, totally understandable considering her boyfriend was half eaten by cannibals before turning into a Walker quickly followed by her brother, now poor Noah, but there’s just something about her that hasn’t fully clicked. And is Carl’s cowboy hat too small on purpose? That thing just doesn’t fit on his head.

Really though Try, and the show, is ultimately all about Rick Grimes. This is a man that has been through everything, literally, and come out the other side. We’ve seen Feral Rick, we’ve seen Farmer Rick, we’ve seen Mad Rick, and all have been believably painted by the writers and even more believably played by Andrew Lincoln. It’s him more than any other that is the show. There have been times before where the responsibility has weighed heavily on the character but he has always come out on the right side, all those subsequent blows have now taken their toll and Rick is in a place that no-one else can comprehend.

Throughout the seasons Rick and the gang have always just about balanced along the line of morality even if that line has been significantly blurred at times. One of the strengths of the current storyline is that despite his descent into an unreasonable level of acceptance of violence Rick is still kind of right. His experiences outside the safety of Alexandria, specifically in the prison and the farm, have shown that paradise doesn’t stay that way forever.

The history of the show also have a huge impact on how the viewer sees the Alexandria storyline playing out, we’ve lived through Rick’s hard times and are as wary of the serene setting as he is, trust no-one, trust nothing, always be suspicious; we, like Rick, are the outsiders now. Things look like they’re eventually going to play out as expected with a confrontation, though this time Rick is the agitator. In some ways it’s surprising that Rick seems out there on his own with Glenn and Michonne falling in line with the town quite pretty quickly.
But then hope does things to people, and those who thought hope was lost are likely to cling on to any signs of it with as much grasp as they can muster. Where the season finale goes next week is anyone’s guess but given the showrunners have touted a return for Morgan, and the fact that Rick is out cold you can bet it will be twisty. And at two hours there’s plenty of time to change the direction.

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