The Walking Dead: 5.14 Spend

Stop. Be aware there are spoilers ahead. Continue only if you’re up to speed with the show on Fox UK.

After a couple of weeks settling into the new environment at Alexandria The Walking Dead was back with a gross-out of a height the show hasn’t seen before. Despite including an explosion, a great scene of Abraham smashing the whatsits out of walkers with a wrench, Eugene finally growing a pair, and two of the most gruesome deaths the show has ever delivered, the key scenes were the quieter ones.

Let’s talk about those two stand-out deaths first: from the opening scene Noah was a gonner, talk of the future and any kind of long-termism means your time is up; then the unlikable Aiden (councillor Deanna’s son) was less of a loss to the show. But poor Noah, having only joined the show in exchange for Beth, was a bit of surprise departure. The two deaths were a case of one upmanship with Aiden impaling himself before being left to have his entrails yanked out and chewed on by the walkers. That was bad; Noah though looked Glen straight in the eye “Don’t let go” but sadly the force of a dozen walkers meant he was in amongst them with his face being torn off, quite a visceral few moments in fact. And Glen, as if he’s not been through enough he had to watch the whole thing.
By now the show has rammed home the fact that people are more dangerous than walkers, and this episode showed that in a different way. The inhabitants of Alexandria are selfish cowards, they're happy to leave their own to a grisly death rather than spend an ounce of effort saving them, as Aiden and Nicholas show; they’re wife beaters - if you believe Carol; and Gabriel, who the gang have saved a number of times, shows himself to still be weak and selfish, hiding behind his faith. The small confrontations, Rick and Pete, Carol and Sam, Deanna and Maggie, Abraham and the former crew head, are all building towards the show’s season finale in a couple of weeks.

Clearly showing the denigration of the humanity of Rick’s crew is the final conversation between him and Carol, the only option our cardiganed child killer can see is to kill Pete; there’s no thought of arresting him - Rick is the sheriff after all. Things are brewing nicely, there can’t be too much time before everything boils over, and if you caught the trailer for next week’s penultimate episode you’ll be wishing you life away like never before.

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