Last week today or the week in short: 2nd March 2015

This week's selection of the best and worst of last week's television. In a few lines.

Better Call Saul (Monday, Netflix): The prequel continues to go from strength to strength - zeroing in on Jimmy's conman skills for the most entertaining episode yet. (Louis Rabinowitz)

House Of Cards (Whenever you like, Netflix): Only seen episode one of series three; a bit of an odd slow burner to start the series but the scenes with Frank and Claire in the White House were riveting. Looking forward to more! (BG)

Broadchurch (Monday, ITV): A solid ending that brought closure to both cases. It didn't end like I expected to but there was still room for one or two surprises; is a third series really necessary? (Baz Greenland)

The Walking Dead (Monday, Fox): After last week's mixed bag, this week's episode was an emphatic return to form with plenty of action and the introduction of a major new location to the show. (LR)

Elementary (Tuesday, Living): The case wasn't as interesting but it was still solid fare for this show with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as great as ever; an intriguing ending that might provide a cruel twist to the Kitty story line. (BG)

The 100 (Tuesday, E4): Thankfully we don't have to wait a month after this week's mid-season finale - an emotional, dramatic and surprisingly satisfying end to a muddled plotline. (LR)

The Flash (Tuesday, Sky1): A slightly dull metahuman this week - but the show's ongoing mysteries and character drama continue to excel. (LR)

Grey's Anatomy (Wednesday, Sky Living): Plenty of heartbreak this week but very well done. I am still surprised that this show can hook me into the drama even in its eleventh year. (BG)

Arrow (Thursday, Sky1): A thrilling, action-packed end to a trilogy of episodes - even if it aped The Dark Knight Rises just a little bit too much. (LR)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4): Probably the weakest episode of the second season but still plenty of fun; loved Terry reduced to a weakling by his brother in law and Peralta in charge... (BG)

Marry Me (Thursday, E4): Still up and down; some weeks I laugh, some weeks I barely smirk. Might give it a couple of weeks but these characters need some serious development to keep me engaged. (BG)

Suits (Thursday, Dave): Mike reached his lowest point this week, losing his job and possibly his girlfriend. Though I am pleased the show took its time, giving seven episodes before he made his eventual return to Pearson Specter; loved that it was Louis Litt that brought him back into the fold. (BG)

Scandal (Thursday, Sky Living): Plenty of dramatic twists and turns as Olivia, Fitz and Jake took on her villainous father Rowan with a cracking ending. Also notable for the worst father / son trip in the history ever!

House of Cards (Friday, Netflix): After a Netflix-fuelled weekend, I'm two episodes off the end of what has been a generally strong and typically addictive season, albeit with some niggling recurring issues. (LR)

The Last Leg (Friday, Channel 4): An amusing end to series five though it hasn't had quite the spark of previous series. Still the best current affairs / comedy show currently on TV though. (BG)

The Voice (Saturday, BBC1): I really enjoyed the first of the battle rounds, particularly the classic off between two of Will.I.Am's contestants. Though I can't help but feel that after the spinning chair auditions the magic is over. (BG)

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