Last week today, or the week in short: 24th February 2015

This week's collection of quick reviews, includes Eastenders live week, some Monday night drama, zombies and comic book heroes.

Broadchurch (Monday, ITV): I knew it was going to happen and yet I was still annoyed at the cliff-hanger. Great TV or predictable? I'm still looking forward to the finale though. (Baz Greenland)

The Walking Dead (Monday, Fox): The Walking Dead has a spotty record with its slower, character developing episodes, and this week's character-building episode felt a little like filler - but hey, great cliffhanger! (Louis Rabinowitz)

Elementary (Tuesday, Living): A great mystery for the mid-season return; time dilation and brain experimentation. The rapport between Sherlock and Watson remains as captivating as ever, if very different from the still superior BBC version. (BG)

The 100 (Tuesday, E4): This underrated gem continues to impress, delivering another hour of heart-in-the-mouth action as the show stampedes towards next week's mid-season finale. (LR)

The Flash (Tuesday, Sky1): Another high-profile bad guy this week in the shape of the Pied Piper and plenty of intriguing character revelations to keep the show's golden standards up. (LR)

Grey's Anatomy (Wednesday, Living): Grey's did what it does best, delivering innovative surgeries and medical mysteries - this time the 3-D printing of an aggressive tumour. Plenty of misery and drama too but the balance was more mixed this week. (BG)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4): Still the best comedy show on TV with Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria providing a great romantic foil for Peraulta. (BG)

Arrow (Thursday, Sky1): Not the show's finest hour, but a solid and entertaining hour of television nonetheless - even if Vinnie Jones is a pretty weak villain. (LR)

Eastenders Live (All week, BBC One): So, a week of 'live' Eastenders is over and I can't help feeling that the 25th Anniversary live episode was far more impressive. For most of the week the live segments were tiny inserts and the various storylines were a rinse and repeat of what we've seen a million times before. (Colin Polonowski)

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