Remember Me: Preview

This is a spoiler free preview of episode two. Do not read if you haven’t seen the first episode.

If the first episode of Remember Me scared the bejeezus out of you then the second episode will give you a creeping sense of dread. Our intrepid assisted living nurse Hannah is still at the centre of things but Mark Addy’s downtrodden cop brings more of an investigative feel.

There’s less of Michael Palin’s Tom Parfitt this week but the nature of the story means he isn’t missed. It’s a difficult series to preview as most that is going on involves the main thrust of the story and whilst giving some of that away wouldn’t ruin any major shocks part of the thrill is not knowing where the story is going.

Things to note on Sunday night: grey skies, water, whispers on the wind. How does it all add up?

Enjoy if you can.

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