Why Twin Peaks’ Return Is A Great Television Event

After years or rumours, denial and desperate hope from the show’s fans, we finally had the announcement we were all hoping for. 25 years after Twin Peaks ended, its creators Mark Frost and David Lynch announced that the show would be returning to our screens in 2016 with a new nine-episode series.

These things don’t usually happen. Unless a show is picked up by another network immediately after cancellation is announced (like UPN with Buffy or Amazon Prime with Ripper Street), the end really is the end. Recently the trend has changed. Arrested Development found new life on Netflix and 24 returned with one if its greatest seasons yet a whole 4 years after season ended the show for good. But these are still rare cases.
25 years is a long, long time to go from cancellation to resurrection, and not in the reboot sense. Except for this show, 25 years later actually has a significance. Early on in the first series, Dale Cooper had a dream set in the Black Lodge; he would see Laura Palmer again 25 years later when his favourite gum would come back in style. Twin Peaks ended on a dark, tragic note as the real Cooper found himself trapped in the Black Lodge while his doppelganger, possessed by the evil Bob was loosed, leaving everyone in danger.

Picking up Twin Peaks twenty five years later just feels right. With Kyle Maclachlan supposedly back to play his iconic role, a new series would be the perfect opportunity for Cooper to break free of his prison and discover what damage his evil version caused.

But it’s not just this narrative strand that presents a great opportunity for the show’s return. Twin Peaks is a show that has never lost its appeal; it spawned great shows like The X Files and Fringe with its mix of supernatural and procedural drama and has remained a television myth in its own right. Fans of the show have revisited Twin Peaks in droves, from its popular standing on Netflix, current reruns on the Syfy Channel to the popularity of the DVD gold edition and recent Blu Ray 25th anniversary box set. And it has attracted plenty of new fans too.
For those horrified by that cliff-hanger – “How’s Annie?!”, this return to Twin Peaks is well overdue. A chance to find out if Heather Graham’s character survived, how long it was before everyone realised Cooper was evil, more foretelling’s by the legendary Log Lady and the hope that poor Audrey Horne survived that bank bomb blast.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Twin Peaks, then you know this already. If you’ve heard about the show but never got round to watching it, then now is that time. We’ve still got ages to go; Showtime won’t be broadcasting those new episodes until 2016.

And that is going to be a long wait indeed.

The X Files

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