Sleepy Hollow: 1.11 - The Vessel

Spoilers ahead - if you don't want to know about episode 11, don't read below

imageAnd they're back...We left Ichabod and the gang with the curse that Moloch issued at the end of The Golem episode and we dive straight into his nefarious plans. We pick things up with Detective Irving reported his strange experiences in the park with his family and learn, courtesy of a borrowed plot device from the film Fallen, that a demon is being passed from person to person with the aim of endangering Irving's daughter. Daughter receives an ultimatum that if he doesn't hand over the George Washington Bible, his daughter will be taken to hell.

Elsewhere, Abbie and Ichabod have discovered a video of her mentor catching a possessed Jenny. Alerted to Irving's dilemma, they seek out Jenny to discover how she was exorcised and learn that they need a special artefact from Washington's time to catch the demon once they cast it out. Cue breakneck chase to liberate their target from some nutty militia types whilst Irving's family falls prey to the demon as threatened. imageNow Sleepy Hollow has been such great fun so far, walking the line between horror and cop show, throwing in time travel, comedy and odd couple dynamics and it has successfully opened it's focus up to the supporting cast with the last few episodes. Here Jenny and Irving and family get plenty of work to do and there's some nice deepening of the sister's relationship as well as some filling out of Irving's wife and splendid daughter. Rather than tread water for the series conclusion, there's some full on scares and some decent menace.

Above all the big success of this instalment and the series as a whole has been to jump into the crazy depths whilst giving us genuine people who we can care about, laugh with and fear for. Sure there is a villain of the week but these have been nicely varied in terms of monstrous construction and conflicting motivation, and outside of those three set-up episodes this has been a blast. The Vessel is another winner that made me laugh, scared me a bit and was double-decker full of fun.

The series ends with a double header next time as the best new show of 2013 completes its run

Sleepy Hollow is shown in the UK on the Universal Channel and iTunes as well

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