Elementary: 2.13 - All in the Family

There will be spoilers ahead for episode 13 of season 2 of Elementary

After last week's brief return for Moriarty, Sherlock USA returns properly to the NYPD and the sub-plot involving Detective Hill. Hill has taken a job with the new high profile demographics unit, a unit set up to prevent homegrown terrorism in the city by the deputy commissioner who asked for Hill personally. For the first time since he left his old role, Hill is back in touch with the department and Sherlock when he discovers a waste barrel containing a body sans hands, head and feet. Hill leaves quickly to avoid our man, but this sends him off on a plan to force a confrontation.

It's Joan who identifies the body from distinctive marks on the torso as a famous disappeared mobster. Which gets us a nice cameo from Paul Sorvino as the mobster's dad and Mafia boss. Further investigation gets Sherlock an opportunity to offer his help to Hill's new employer in order to annoy him into a showdown, a ruse that becomes an inevitability when our intrepid duo discover government surveillance has been in place on our corpse and that his killer seems to have hold of it (and Hills boss ordered it). imageAnd so Sherlock confronts Hill, Hill is pissed. Hill calms down and confronts his boss who acts suspiciously and the game is on as a trap is set for a very big fish. This ends up with Hill back in the NYPD fold and a rapprochement of sorts between the antisocial consulting detective and his previously shot colleague. So no change of main cast here and my prediction of a glamorous replacement was way wide of the mark.

After last week's banquet this was more of a quick pastie at the service station whilst you refuel. Aidan Quinn's hair grows further and gets less grey and poor Joan was just a servant of the main plot rather than a proper contributor. Hopefully, we'll get more of Sherlock the sponsor, the brother or the lover next week as this was a bit meh despite Mafiosas, car bombs and high placed corruption.

Elementary is shown in the UK by Sky Living (several episodes behind) and is also available on Sky Go

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