Elementary: 2.12 - The Diabolical Kind

There will be spoilers ahead for episode 12 of season 2 of Elementary

Hidden up in Holmes' beehive are twenty seven letters that he has exchanged with Moriarty as she has languished in her elaborate jail cell. He ignored the first five until she said she would send no more and then began a literary relationship with his greatest enemy, his one true love and the one person he really shouldn't tell anything. Of course, letters being the intimate things they are, he has told her far more than he should about himself, about Watson, and about who knows what else.

All of this he has to reveal when a young child is kidnapped by a number of former associates of Moriartys. He immediately suspects this is part of an elaborate escape plan and is shocked when the authorities allow her to "consult" on the case. His anger and suspicion unchecked, he leaves it to Joan to stay with her, and the two discuss their relationship with the consulting detective in somewhat competitive terms. When she gives the investigation sketches of her former allies, she hides a message in the drawings and the identity of the kidnapped girl becomes fully clear.imageNow with Moriartys motives obvious and her intent established, it's up to Holmes and Watson to recapture her, if, of course, she is running away. The episode ends with questions of whether Holmes has humanised Moriarty and what that does to him, carrying on a theme that has been running through this second season - one which has at times threatened to neuter or normalise our detective past the point of interest. Here there's enough suspicion of Moriartys long term plan balanced with a desire for Holmes' happiness to make those questions poignant and worthy of our time.

Well, it's lovely to have Natalie Dormer back. Her elegant delivery and unquestioned beauty are making quite a dent on the world of telly. In a few short years she has gone from being fourth banana on Silk to Anne Boelyn in The Tudors to integral cast member on Game of Thrones and Holmes nemesis here. Her ability to come over doe eyed one moment and scheming and superior the next is well deployed here as she plays lovelorn against Miller and catty against Liu. Her reappearance is a welcome boost for the show which has flagged a little since Mycroft disappeared again.

On another subject, Aidan Quinn's rather strange hairline at the season's beginning bothered me along with a darker hue to his barnet, now it's grown I think somebody may have had some work done...Next week is much more humorous following this earnest, intense, and bloody affair. For now though, I guess Dormer will be back later as a recurring guest star much as Rhys Ifans, and possibly Sean Pertwee might be. Nice work this week, keeping up the goodish quality of season 2.

Elementary is shown in the UK by Sky Living on Tuesdays (several episodes behind) and is also available on Sky Go

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