What We Know About Star Trek: Picard

What We Know About Star Trek: Picard

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With Star Trek Discovery managing to resurrect Star Trek on the small screen, there was no doubt that more series would follow and we now have THREE to look forward to including a Section 31-based show starring Michelle Yeoh, an animated series AND finally the return of Patrick Stewart to the lead in a series that picks up on the life of Jean Luc Picard 20 years after we last saw him in Star Trek: Nemesis.

What will the series be about?

We're not sure - we know it will pick up the story of Picard following the destruction of Romulus that was mentioned in the Star Trek movie reboot by J J Abrams. In that film, Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy) went back in time to try and prevent Nero (Eric Bana) from destroying the Federation in the past in revenge. Nero's actions caused a split in the timeline that resulted from the destruction of Vulcan.

In the prime universe, which both Picard and Discovery are set, Vulcan doesn't get destroyed but Romulus is and this has an impact on Picard's life.

According to showrunner Alex Kurtzman, "Picard's life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire."

Kurtzman also told The Hollywood Reporter how he convinced Stewart to return to the role after previous stating that he was uninterested in playing Picard again.

"He threw down an amazing gauntlet and said, 'If we do this, I want it to be so different, I want it to be both what people remember but also not what they're expecting at all, otherwise why do it?'"

Kurtzman also told the site how they pitched the series to Stewart, preparing a three-page document outlining their ideas. Novelist and screenwriter Michael Chabon joined the team to pitch a the show, which quickly expanded beyond the original three pages. .

"It turned into a 34-page document — with no way to shorten it. We were going on all in and he was going to read it or not read it, love it or hate it. It was our best attempt at trying to get him to say yes.

"He walked into the room and he had a huge smile on his face and said, 'This is wonderful.' What he understood at that point … was that he was with people who desperately wanted to collaborate with him, that we weren't trying to exploit him. He knew if he was going to go back to Picard, it needed to be for the greatest reason ever."

Will other Star Trek actors return to the Picard series?

Nothing is confirmed yet, however we do know that Jonathan Frakes will be directing one or more episodes and we'd love to see Riker make an appearance. Our hope is that other Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members will appear, even if it is in cameo roles or one-off appearances.

Asked if other members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast would feature in the Picard series, Kurtzman replied with.

"Anything could happen."

Has anyone else been cast yet?

Yes. We are aware of a couple of other actors who will be regulars in the series.

Santiago Cabrera is thought to be play the pilot of Picard's ship and is "also a thief" while Michelle Hurd will apparently play a former intelligence officer who is a brilliant analyst with a terrific memory that has not been affected by her drug and alcohol abuse.

Given these character descriptions it suggests that Picard may no longer be a Starfleet captain or admiral.

When will Star Trek: Picard be broadcast?

The current information released by CBS All Access suggests that the series will debut on the streaming network in the US this December. UK viewers will likely be able to watch the show via Netflix day-and-date with the US as they currently do with Star Trek Discovery.

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Star Trek

Debuting in 1966, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek survived cancellation and returned with a series of films featuring Jame T Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. It spawned four massively successes TV spin-offs and movies and ruled cult TV in the 1990s. After Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, it spawned a film prequel / reboot under the guise of JJ Abrams but returned to its TV roots in 2017 with Star Trek: Discovery...

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