Agents of SHIELD: 1.05 - The Girl In The Flower Dress - Review

This week on Agents of SHIELD, Skye's allegiances are teased, a mysterious organisation recruits a superpowered random and Coulson drops hints about his mysterious return from the dead. I'll say that much for this one: it definitely has everything I expect from an episode of Agents of SHIELD. Hit all the tickboxes perfectly, even mentioned a few Marvel buzzwords (Extremis, Steve Rogers, death of Coulson) while it was there.

But was it actually any good, or simply the show on autopilot? Watch the episode on 4OD first if need be.



The episode is titled The Girl In The Flower Dress in reference to Raina, the new villain who seems to be the earthly representative of Centipede. These are the evil-doers who jacked up Mike Peterson back in the pilot, and I guess they'll be major villains for the show going forward. A bit of ongoing momentum would be nice, but Raina wasn't quite charismatic enough to be an exciting prospect.

On the plus side, it looks like she'll end up being henchwoman for a more substantial threat who will hopefully be more interesting. For now, novice supervillain Scorch provides a few impressive special effects and a basic everyman story arc. So basic set-up achieved, but would've been nice if it had managed to be a little more fascinating while it was at it.

Tide Is High Etc

Elsewhere, in the more interesting Skye story arc, we find out she's down with the SHIELD cause for real, but also wants to use both SHIELD and Rising Tide resources to locate her missing parents. Although it's good to see her plotline being moved forward rather than dragged out at glacial speed, Skye didn't have amazing chemistry with Miles, her apparent ex, so the actual presentation was kinda flat.

Some fun scenes with Agents Coulson and May, Agent Ward didn't have much to do, nor did FitzSimmons - it was a rather forgettable week on Agents of SHIELD to be honest, advancing a couple of subplots without much flair bar the occasional decent joke. A shame after the eye-camera one last week was pretty good, but hopefully they'll pull something decent out next week and everything will be fine.

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