Seven Dexter Spin-Off Ideas!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Showtime should've let Dexter finish ages ago. The storyline could've ended naturally after five or six seasons, but instead it's finishing after a crazy eight. I dread to think how many decades they'll drag Homeland out for.

So, keeping in mind the network's reluctance to let go, it always seemed inevitable they'd attempt some kind of Dexter spin-off. Admittedly, the bored reaction to this final year might cool their jets a bit, but still, I thought I'd suggest some ideas for possible franchise extensions, some more serious than others.

If Showtime end up producing one or more of these, I'm applying for a job in TV development. Some spoilers for Dexter season 8 so far.


Debra - Sister Of Dexter

Most obvious idea? Jennifer Carpenter's Debra Morgan character has been one thing that has stayed popular even during the less-beloved years of Dexter. Yes, there was that strange period when she fell in love with her brother, but the acting was still good.

So: Debra stays on as a cop in Miami, or moves to another city, gets into the habit of occasionally quietly killing the criminals, but in a more efficient and less ritually creepy way than Dexter. It could work if they put some thought into it, but does Carpenter want to keep playing this character after eight years? Not to mention, Deb has been a major part of the Dexter series - would it feel a bit lame if she gets no conclusion and wanders straight off to a spin-off?

Breaking Quinn

Quinn finally gets depressed about his complete failure to succeed as a police officer, so starts cooking crystal meth to make ends meet and keep his girlfriend Jamie happy. Yes, Showtime have seen Breaking Bad and they want a piece of that.

Young Dexter

Prequels often suck, but desperation demands sacrifice. An in-depth exploration of Dexter's youth, as he grows through his teens coping with the desire to kill, only for it to finally explode in his young adulthood. Surely the first few years of Dexter's serial killing career must be ripe with near-misses and black comedy?

Sadly, we probably can't get Michael C. Hall in a dodgy wig to play young adult Dexter like he did in the early years of Dexter. In fact, it doesn't really need any of the existing cast, except maybe James Remar as Harry, so that might make it easier. Still not sure the world needs Young Dexter to be made, obviously there isn't much suspense about how it ends, but nonetheless.

The Batistas

Angel makes another attempt to quit the police and start a restaurant. Join him and rest of his crazy family as they try to make it work, sometimes solving crimes on the side. This is basically a sitcom.


Hannah's Revenge

Fugitive poisoner Hannah McKay tries to start her life anew after the events of Dexter, becoming embroiled in society intrigue, which only gets worse when people start dropping dead. Did she do it? And if not Hannah, then who? Will her secret past be exposed?

This has a lot going for it in practical terms: the character had a heavy push in the final two seasons of Dexter and actress Yvonne Strahovski hasn't been playing the part long enough to be burnt out. Strahovski's also perhaps at the right stage in her career to think about headlining. I don't find the character that interesting, but still, there's an audience for these high society mystery things (see Revenge) and at least it isn't just a rehash of the parent show. (This all assumes that Dex and Hannah don't successfully run away together at the end of the current season, nor does she die.)


Follow the Julia Stiles character from season 5 as she tries to go about her normal life whilst haunted by the spectre of her past misdeeds with Dexter, and then falls into a situation where murder might be called for again. Grim thriller about remorse and redemption. Probably unlikely - Lumen wasn't that popular and I don't know if Stiles would want to do it - but she's one of the few major Dexter characters who didn't die and i'm grasping at straws here. Shame actually, that show idea sounded alright.


Miami Metro - The Series

The ultimate Dexter spin-off. Another one that's really obvious, but at the same time potentially disastrous. A genuine attempt to make a police drama about the comically incompetent staff of Miami Metro. After the events of Dexter, Miami Metro are the laughing stock of American policing due to harbouring a serial killer in their midst for literally years. Can they prove themselves again?

Or alternatively, make it a comedy and just fully embrace how terrible they are at their jobs. Have Vince Masuka be farcically insensitive whilst dealing with sensitive vice cases while Quinn stares soulfully into a drink, as someone carries a stolen TV behind him, that kind of thing. I don't think Showtime would go for it, because it's way off tone from Dexter, but it might be a watchable show. It would certainly eliminate the current problem of the writers sometimes trying to make us take them seriously.

Anyway, those are my Dexter spin-off ideas. Which is your favourite? Got a better suggestion? Let us know in the comments.

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