Broadchurch: Series 1 - DVD Review

11-year-old Danny Latimer’s body is found at the bottom of a cliff on a beach just outside Broadchurch. From the way his body is positioned, it is clear he did not fall from the cliff. But if he didn’t commit suicide, the small country town begins to question: who could kill such an innocent little boy?

David Tennant and Olivia Colman deliver spectacular performances as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller attempting to uncover Broadchurch’s secret killer. The range of suspects for Danny’s murder gets wider as more witnesses are consulted. Each episode subtly moves one of the suspects to the forefront, investigating their whereabouts on the night of Danny’s death and their potential motives for murdering him.

However, Broadchurch provides such a vibrant array of characters that it’s difficult to decipher whodunnit. Danny’s mother, Beth Latimer, even acknowledges to the police that all the suspects are those closest to their family: neighbours and residents of Broadchurch who are, on the surface, their friends. Yet as the series unfolds, so does the drama as we delve into the characters to discover their dark secrets. It seems no character is as innocent as they first appear in this outwardly quiet town on the coast.

The emotional turmoil of the situation is heart-wrenchingly depicted by the cast, coupled with a disturbing sub-plot involving Detective Hardy which draws a stellar performance from Tennant, although we’d expect nothing less from the ex-Doctor. Together with strong co-lead Olivia Colman, Broadchurch combines chilling mystery and gripping drama so well that when one episode finishes, you’ll be clicking on to the next in a heartbeat.

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out of 10

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