Luther: 3.02 - Review

Two weeks in and Luther brings his double-caseload to a predictably messy climax. Whodunnit? Whytheydunnit? Can Luther bring them in without killing them or giving them a chance to kill themselves? Based on his past record, probably not.

But hey, let's see. Second episode spoilers ahoy, so get to iPlayer if you fear them or read on if you... fetishise them, I suppose.



After last week's even split between two cases, we focus in on a single one this time: the fetish killer. The Barnaby investigation, after spreading nausea across the nation with that blender scene last week, is largely winding down, and when it does appear, it's dealt with by sidekick Ripley.

As a result, there's more straight-forward building tension, not to mention more screentime for Luther himself tracking the killer, and since we clearly watch this show largely for Idris Elba mindgaming lunatics, that can only be a good thing. The mystery itself is a quiet in-and-out affair, though - our hero makes a couple of his trademark amazing deductive leaps, and that's it.

The final scene, where the wig-wearing baddie corners a bunch of girls in a house, is a creepy piece of business, though I never felt they were in much danger. That toothbrush insertion was kinda skanky, but not quite blender-level. Killer Paul Ellis, ultimately, was a bit of a henchman in the end - his relationship with kindly old grandad psycho had some interesting moments, and that skanky old pervert's interviews with Luther were a more electrifying watch than the final physical showdown.

Thinking Ahead, Like Luther Himself

But the episode recognises that by shuffling the week's murder aside in the final segment to do a prolonged focus on our ongoing storyline: the internal affairs investigation of Luther, headed by the menacingly colloquial Stock. He definitely has the face of someone who's going to go over the line to try and take out Luther, probably killing Erin in the process.

For now, they have their first face-off, the question of Justin's loyalties is sweetly resolved and Luther gets to meet up again with his new love interst. Next time: well, I'm guessing another two parter, probably with Stock's investigation taking a more central role, and since she was in the trailers, Alice has to come back at some point. A decent Luther two-parter for now, but as I said last week, my big investment is in how the next one goes. Could it be the end, or was Idris Elba merely toying with us in those interviews? Hopefully the Beeb will be sensible and not announce it until after the finale of this series aired. (Yes, unlike they did with The Fall.)

Luther airs 9PM Tuesdays on BBC One. See more on the official BBC Luther site, and see episodes available on iPlayer here. I actually don't think new girlfriend Mary will die, but still not sure the relationship will end well...

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