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New Doctor Casting rumours - apparently false but another name in the frame


- as you might have guessed, no surprise revelation and no announcement by the BBC equals a non-story!

However, the Telegraph have reported on rumours that James Bond actor, Rory Kinnear has been approached by the BBC and has apparently been offered the role. The last time his name appeared he said "I think I’m being used as a decoy on that front," he said. "It’s the first I’ve heard"; that, however, was back in April before we learned that Matt Smith is leaving the show.


In other news, casting doubt on all rumours, is a quote from Steven Moffat saying "I haven't a clue who it is, we've barely started" - posted by documentary maker Ed Stradling on Twitter.

Our view is that until we see the official announcement, any rumours are very unreliable so should be taken with a pinch of salt. Many will be as a result of 'leaks' intended to put people off the scent and others will be from sites trying to boost their visitor numbers by posting false information.


It's only a week since we learned that Matt Smith is to hang up his bow tie later this year and rumours coming in that a Sunday newspaper have uncovered the identity of the next Doctor. As a result the BBC are now reportedly readying a pre-emptive announcement to ensure the news comes direct from them. If sources are correct, a photoshoot with the new actor (or actress?) has already taken place.


Starburst sources have put three possible actors in the frame - Domhnall Gleeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Dominic Cooper. We'll know soon enough if these rumblings are correct - last time around every name shared prior to the announcement was proven incorrect.

Doctor Who

The long-running BBC TV science fiction series that started in 1963 and recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 2017 saw Peter Capaldi regenerate into the show's first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. The Thirteenth Doctor's first season debuts in 2018, with Chris Chibnall replacing Steven Moffat as the current showrunner.

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