Game of Thrones 3.05 ‘Kissed By Fire’ – Review

Well, none of us were quite expecting this week’s diverse patchwork of surprise.

Granted, the obligatory sex scenes were ever present, this week between Loras and his squire (it’s relieving that he’s finally moving on from Renly after all the tantrums he pulled last season) and, much more unexpectedly, between the ever-honourable Jon Snow and wildling Ygritte. Whilst it was gratifying to see heart-throb Jon Snow finally getting some, as Ygritte pointed out, “you were a maid?!”, we were a little worried to watch him forego the vows of the Night’s Watch which he had previously fought so hard to keep.

Meanwhile, Tywin Lannister proves his total unpredictability once again by betrothing Tyrion to Sansa Stark… and Cersei to Loras Tyrell. Tyrion earns further respect from us by sticking up for poor Sansa, and Cersei’s smugness is soon put out after she learns her father’s intentions for her. Despite being pleased to watch her crash and burn, her pleas of “please don’t make me do it again father” do endear us to her, highlighting difficulties not only for her but highborn women in general in having such little choice in their marriages.

Rob Stark is truly the image of our old favourite Eddard Stark in this episode as, valuing honour and duty above all else, he beheads Lord Karstark for murdering their Lannister child hostages. In a scene which contrasts well with Theon’s murdering of Ser Rodrick last season, Rob kills Lord Karstark with one strong sweep of his sword, compared to Theon’s repeated hackings at Ser Rodrick’s head. Moreover, Rob’s expression clearly depicts his upset over his duty, whereas Theon’s was much more crazed. Though perhaps that’s why Rob Stark is the King in the North and Theon is currently a tortured prisoner.

The most disturbing aspects of this episode come in the form of Selyse Baratheon, Stannis’ wife who we have so far seen very little of. It appears she is ever so slightly insane, and has kept all of her stillborn sons in some weird pickle-jar-type tube-tanks, marinading in some odd green liquid. Not only this, but she goes on to talk about how she has known of Stannis’ affair with Melisandre, and even encourages it. Following this, it seems Selyse is definitely high up in the top 10 most disturbing Game of Thrones characters we’ve seen so far.

Finally, a poignant moment between Jaime and Brienne (those have been coming up a lot recently) reveals just how and why Jaime killed the Mad King Aerys. It seems Aerys was even more disturbed than poor Selyse, and wanted to burn everyone in Kings Landing with wildfire: horrific. We see a glimpse into Jaime’s true, underlying feelings as he explains his story. Needless to say he has definitely come a long way into our hearts from the man who pushed Bran from a window in season one; we’re desperate to see just where his new-found empathy, and hand-less right arm, will take him next.



out of 10

Game of Thrones

Based on the bestselling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, HBO's Game of Thrones has revolutionised the fantasy genre for mainstream television. With new prequel series in the pipeline, the show bows out in 2019 with a spectacular six-part finale. Check out our extensive coverage of the show with our Game of Thrones Revisited, covering every episode from seasons one to seven.

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