Game of Thrones 3.03 ‘Walk of Punishment’ - Review

Climaxing with the most shocking cliffhanger of the season so far, this episode doesn’t fail to disappoint with a further weaving of the Game of Thrones web. Again we find that there isn’t enough room to catch up with all of our characters, for example we see nothing of Bran, Joffrey or Margaery, but having said that we had pretty much forgotten about them in the midst of this episode’s dramatic whirlwind.

Tyrion has his so-far best moments of the season, particularly when the episode opens on a power play between Tyrion, Cersei and Tywin using chairs. There is a further beautifully awkward scene when Tyrion rewards squire Podrick with numerous prostitutes in return for saving his life; one girl was astonishingly flexible. This scene is just one of the inventive twists away from the books which are proving popular with fans, giving the series a fresh perspective from the original novels.

For example, this episode includes further shocking sexual antics in the attempted rape of an escaped Theon, who is lucky to receive a timely save from the same mystery servant who aided his getaway in the first place. Book readers will know this is a veer away from original occurrences, but it’s definitely working in keeping us glued to our screens.

Other notable events including saying goodbye to some comic relief as Hot Pie is left behind when Arya and Gendry continue their journey with the Brotherhood, and Daenerys makes a deal to exchange one of her dragons for 8,000 unsullied soldiers, much to the aghast horror of her advisors.

Overall the tangy mix of almost all our other key characters has made this episode perhaps the best we’ve seen so far. As with seasons one and two, it looks like season three is set to be a crescendo of raw, epic drama wrapped in the grip of astounding landscapes and inspiring CGI. So bring on the next episode already!



out of 10

Game of Thrones

Based on the bestselling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, HBO's Game of Thrones has revolutionised the fantasy genre for mainstream television. With new prequel series in the pipeline, the show bows out in 2019 with a spectacular six-part finale. Check out our extensive coverage of the show with our Game of Thrones Revisited, covering every episode from seasons one to seven.

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