Being Human: 5.06 - The Last Broadcast - Spoiler-Free Preview!

Last ever Being Human ! Yes, I've seen it, so look at it this way - the show will last a lot longer in your life than it did mine.

Anyway, this is a big episode, so my hints will be even vaguer than usual. Still, if you're of a spoiler-sensitive disposition in this, the final week of Being Human that will EVER HAPPEN, EVER, look away now.


  1. Of all the things you might've expecting in this last one, was one of them... a musical number?
  2. Or... something else even more abstract than that?
  3. What is Evil Hal like in person?
  4. How does Captain Satan work now that he's walking, talking and changed out of that cardigan?
  5. And, oh yes, how will they end the whole story?
  6. Well, there's at least one return appearance from an old character.
  7. And, yeah, people will talk about this ending. Maybe not for the reasons you expect.
Being Human airs Sundays at 10PM on BBC Three. Check out the official BBC Being Human site, and catch up with recent episodes on iPlayer. Please don't go, I'll miss you.

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