The Bold Type: 2.09 Trippin'

Road trips and romantic drama are plentiful in this week's penultimate episode of season two of The Bold Type.

Just last week I wrote that I wanted to learn more about Sutton's past and for the show to do more stories that involve the intersections between gender and class. Well, ask and ye shall receive, because this week, for the first time, we meet Sutton's infamous mother, Babs Brady.

Babs is introduced when Sutton, Jane and Kat go to Sutton's home town in order to collect her birth certificate so that she can fly to Paris for fashion week (which is when the final episode of the season is set). It is nice to see the cast get out of the city. While The Bold Type's focus on young working people in New York is fascinating, there is more to life and the USA than the city. So I really enjoyed seeing how the characters reacted to being in a smaller place.

Rural America can often be stereotyped as being 'backwards' or 'behind the times', especially when compared to New York City, which is meant to be a bastion of progress. But, as much as Sutton paints that sort of picture about her home town and her life before Scarlet, this episode deconstructs these stereotypes. The bartender in openly gay and Sutton's flirty ex is married. While it is obvious that Sutton's childhood was far from perfect, her expectations of what she will return to are shattered - showing that people and places can change, even if they seem to be the same on the surface.

Another thing that road trips are good for is music, and that opportunity is used to its full potential as the girls sing-along to Dua Lupa's New Rules. In fact, the music choices, both diegetic and non-diegetic, have been amazing this season. The songs that have been used always fit the tone of the scene they are in and rarely overwhelm the other things that are happening on screen. This impeccable taste and timing is actually a large part of what I look forward to each week and it really brings the show together.

Jane is still coming to terms with having to make a fertility plan. When Ben gives her a file of information she might need, she gets to the point where she just can't anymore. Which leads to drinking with Pinstripe, who tells Jane that he is serious about her; a line that leaves a drunk Jane in shock and me feeling both excited and annoyed. I really like Pinstripe, he is just more fun than Ben. But it is also disappointing that there can't just be a male-female relationship that is purely platonic. Though there is Alex, who I am sad that we haven't seen much of this season. I am intrigued as to where this will end and who Jane will end up with, but I am not looking forward to the inevitable drama that it is going to cause.

Once they arrive in Pennsylvania, Jane has gone from being drunk to being high and Kat gets her flirt on. But she just isn't feeling it. Adena is the one for her; her exploration has been fun but it has meant that they communicate less. This was a faster conclusion to the open relationship storyline than I was expecting, but at least it was a happy one. Kat and Adena are good together, and I would love to see them work through their problems by communicating with each other, and giving each other space to grow. It is still impressive that a mainstream show framed exploration and an open relationship as a positive thing. So I hope Kat and Adena's story continues to go well.

Finally Jacqueline and Cleo's friction seems to be coming to something as Jacqueline is that target of an article saying she is old news. I hope it doesn't happen but I get the feeling that Jacqueline will be written out of her editors seat soon, whether it will be in next week's finale or next season I don't know. But for now I am just focused on what shenanigans could be going down in Paris.

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