Supergirl: 3.21 Not Kansas

I was thinking back on season three of Supergirl and wondering if I was maybe being a little harsh or too negative. It’s undeniable that the show has taken a move away from the upbeat, joyful storytelling of previous seasons but there have been some strong performances and solid episodes along the way, with the general vibe definitely picking up in the back few episodes of the season.

Unfortunately I think Not Kansas might be the single worst episode the show has done (I even found the title irritating).

I spent this entire episode with my face in my hands and audibly crying out “bullsh*t” after most lines of dialogue. The episode as a whole is a mess, it crams too much into a short amount of time and lurches from one plot thread to another.

Before the titles have even flashed up, Supergirl and Mon-El have bested Reign, allowing Lena’s cure to be administered (this cure only takes her about 30 seconds to produce once she has the magic rock from Argo). This scene just opens up a plethora of questions; namely, Is Reign really gone? Also, since Reign was a second conscious entity who we literally see leave Sam’s body before disintegrating, was this murder? No time to think about that though...

Now Kara has decided to leave earth and move to Argo. And M’yrnn is gonna kill himself. And Jaaaames is anti gun but Lena is pro gun and does Kara still work at CatCo and I have no idea what is going on?

I don’t know where to start unpacking this episode but, for me at least, it was an un-enjoyable mess. It suffers massively this week from the Superman Problem; when Kara decides to leave Earth for Argo there is not one mention of her cousin, another Kryptonian, who might be interested in meeting some of his lost people. She doesn’t say goodbye to him or, as far as I can tell, even let him know about Argo.

This is especially noticeable as the show inadvertently puts a lampshade on this issue by mentioning Clark in a completely separate context. This coupled with Kara leaving for Argo, can’t help but make her actions seem pretty selfish.

Once Kara is gone, the DEO and Guardian get back to protecting the city sans-Supergirl. Its here when Jaaaames as Guardian encounters a DEO style weapon in the hands of a criminal. This leads to J’onn (and James for some reason) visiting to the company who makes the DEO’s guns.

This almost creates an interesting scene and discussion on gun ownership in the US, unfortunately it’s a little rushed and half hearted. The show doesn’t show any passion for the debate.

Back on Argo, Kara is reconnecting with her old childhood friends while also avoiding being murdered by a mysterious hooded figure. Argo looks cheap and the whole episode is weirdly directed with poor framing and characters litterly just walking out of frame when they’ve finished delivering their dialogue.

We keep skipping back and fourth from Earth to Argo but in such a way that we never get into a flow in either location. Mon-El, who opted to go with Kara to Argo for a while, finally confesses he still has feelings for her in the most uninteresting and reveal of the series.

Eventually on Earth, the DEO and Jimbo discover who has their guns (a misunderstood disgruntled gun company employee) and J’onn decides its time for the DEO to go non-lethal. On Argo, Kara and Mon-El uncover the attempted murderer, who instantly tells them who was behind it all before the two get stranded on Argo.

There is so much wrong in the flow and progression of this episode that I was left feeling irritated by it. The energy is non existent and Melissa Benoist’s performance looks more bored with each episode. Oh, also M’yrnn wants to undergo euthanasia and Alex is looking into adopting a kid – both of these come with massive character implications but are just casually tossed into the mix.

I really don’t feel like I care what happens in the finale now, which I feel a little sad about.

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