Timeless: 2.09 - The General

In this penultimate episode of the season (series?) the time team find themselves traveling back to the American Civil War and teaming up with Harriet Tubman to take down this week's Rittenhouse sleeper agent.

The episode kicks straight into gear with Mason and Agent Christopher spilling the beans about Jessica and a connection to Rittenhouse. Everyone with the exception of Wyatt, which is understandable, is on board with Jessica being a threat of some kind. Poor old Wyatt has to go against the grain and stand up for her and you do get the feeling he is doing so even though he knows something is up. The final scene of last week's episode eluded to this; or does he feel compelled to protect Jessica because she is carrying his baby?

In the past the team split up Wyatt, doing his best Colonel Sanders impression along with Rufus to try to track down the Rittenhouse spy. As they attempt to convince Harriet to wait until the cavalry arrives to make her move, she tells him that she thought Wyatt and Rufus looked familiar; she saw them in a vision from God that they would come to help her. For the first time as a viewer you feel as though maybe there is something more to the visions that Jiya is having.

Tracking down this week's spy entails Wyatt having to make small talk with Southern gentlemen and Confederate soldiers while Rufus is smuggled into the party as a house slave. It is almost laughable that Wyatt, with his terrible accent, is able to have such a long conversation with Rufus without anyone noticing. Eventually when they are rumbled Wyatt outguns everyone and is forced into a hostage situation. But for once Rufus is as cool as ice as he casually finds the book that the Rittenhouse spy as been using to predict the future and casually tosses it into the fire place. No bargaining, no hesitation just pure cool calculation. Way to go Rufus!

All the kudos he just earnt went down the drain in the next scene due to his lack of knowledge of the era. Rufus manages to not change the future on this outing by tellling Harriet he wishes he had some advice for her to make her rich; one of these days Rufus is going to tell the wrong person the wrong thing. Maybe there is a opening at Rittenhouse?

Talking of Rittenhouse, Carol Preston decides to try and throw Emma under the bus as she manipulates Grand Pa Keynes with some good old fashioned family guilt. At this point you have to wonder what the writers have in store for Keynes as he has been pretty much a non event so far this season. Having spent so much time with him I am wondering if Carol is deciding to double cross him and claim Rittenhouse for herself by getting Emma out of the picture.

Meanwhile Lucy and Flynn, much to the annoyance of Wyatt, go to get reinforcements from the Union army. Lucy does what Lucy does best, terrorising the men of the past into submission until they bend to her will and she does it so well with Colonel Montgomery who ends up flummoxed and has to ask "Who are you Miss, to speak to me in such a way?"

For once Jiya has the most interesting story of the week as she confronts Mason and demands that he takes her to see the original pilot of the Lifeboat who also has visions. It is eluded to that Jiya is not just having visions but she may have the ability to travel in time if she can let go and embrace what she is seeing. Mason is buying none of this, and for a man that invented time travel, is very dismissive of the notion that Stanley might not be insane.

I mean come on! The man knew Jiya was having visions without her even saying a word. But most of all I am left wondering, as Mason has said many times he has lost all his money, how is he still managing to pay for Stanley's medical care? What comes across here very subtly is that there is something much bigger going on, that there may be more then just Rittenhouse and the time team regularly messing with time.

Once the team returns I was left thinking just a few weeks ago Jessica was at the landing bay for the Life Boat waiting to greet Wyatt's homecoming but is nowhere to be seen here. It is not as if there are lots of things to do in the bunker, where is she? But my favourite moment of the episode takes place here as Flynn says congratulations Wyatt, the look on Flynn's face is priceless. Its like no matter how many takes they did Goran Visnjic could not help but laugh and the laugh comes across so swarmy he might as well just say "You are so screwed pal."

Wyatt takes a pot shot at Lucy, you can tell he isn't handling the situation well and no matter how much he sticks up for Jessica, you know he will be eating humble pie very shortly. They both share a tender moment and for just one breif second you yearn for the simpler times before Jessica.

As everyone heads of to bed Jiya decides that she wants to try out her new powers and without any fuss or prolonged attempts she manages to fall into a trance. Has she successfully traveled in time? Are the closing moments of show all in her mind or are they events of what could be?

Just before the explosive final scene Wyatt is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Jessica and his unborn child as he tells her that if she leaves so does he. Although his tune seems to change very quickly and backtracks by telling her she will have full time protection and that he will see her every opportunity he has. Sensing that her time in the bunker may be up, Jessica makes her move.

Wyatt awakens from his slumber, realises that Jessica is not in bed and he goes looking for her. He times it so perfectly to see her kidnapping Jiya and stealing the lifeboat, howing her Rittenhouse connection. As the episode ends I am left wondering is this what Jiya is seeing? Is this really happening? Where has Jessica gone? Was kidnapping Jiya her main goal? What snide comment will Flynn have next episode? It is going to be a right doozy of a finale.

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