Timeless: 2.03 Hollywoodland

There is something romantic about the bygone era of 1940s Hollywood, the world was at war but life went on unscathed in this magical place where dreams can come true. That magic is conveyed in this week's episode of Timeless, an improvement on last week’s as our team travel back to 1940s Hollywood to stop a Rittenhouse Sleeper agent from stealing Citizen Kane. The plot sounds barmy but it works well.

The main A plot of the show was very well done, you see the razzle and dazzle of  1940s Hollywood along with some some fine performances from both Abigail Spencer and Malcolm Barrett. Lucy, donning one of her weekly fabulous outfits, is pressurised into singing in front of a Hollywood celebrity crowd and knocks it out of the park with a rendition of Al Jolson's You Made Me Love You. In any week that would have been the highlight of the show for me, but not this week. Rufus please step forward.

Rufus often feels like the third wheel and generally is brought in as the tech geek or when the plot demands a third person, however in this episode he jumps feet first into the persona of Langston Hughes and steals the show. His behaviour is so far removed from Rufus that it is a joy to watch as he goes from Hollywood diva to geek buddies with Hedy Lemarr. His slow rendition of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is both cringe inducing and awe inspiring.

It is a bit early in the season to tell but it seems the show is going down a 'Sleeper Agent of the week' story. And while the plot was certainly out there, the execution was pretty good. Timeless appears to be attempting to break with the traditions of time travel rules; the number one tenant in most shows would be don't change anything, no matter how small it could have grave consequences. This was adequately demonstrated in the season one premier when Lucy changed the past and erased her sister from existence.

This week Rufus completely throws those sacred rules out of the window and changes the course of Hedy Lamrr's life, and probably most of humanity, as she quits acting, starts a tech company and has a personal fortune of 30 billion. You would think that Rufus being the science guy would bulk at doing something like this and even Lucy seems more amazed then horrified upon hearing the news. I guess as long as it isn't Rittenhouse changing the past its okay? The main question I am left with does everything with WiFi now cost more?

Seeing as Connor Mason has lost all his money I have been left wondering week after week where they get all those pretty dresses they put Lucy in, after all it doesn't seem like the bunker is equipped with a wardrobe department. That question was quickly addressed and you realise that our heroes are nothing but common thieves as they have stolen everything they are wearing.

Had this been any other show the show runners would have spent a season or two teasing the audience with a will they won't they situation between Lucy and Wyatt and they tackle that head on in this episode.  If it hadn't been for the episode recap at the beginning you would be forgiven for thinking that the writers had dropped the entire plot line of Wyatt and his dead wife. Our two love struck heroes get to share a few moments of happiness before the final big reveal. More of that in a moment.

The weakest part of Timeless is the Jiya story line; it seems so idiotic that no one is concerned that she is fainting, it is only when Agent Christopher sees it that they bring in a medical professional. But alas my hopes were dashed when she proclaims noting is wrong with her, heck even a minor heart murmur she has is gone. At least the audience will be spared watching her die a slow, agonising and mind numbing death. We can only hope that one of the trio screw up the past so bad that she is erased from existence.

Each week Lucy and Agent Christopher visit Garcia Flynn, who made the first season so interesting and was the bad guy that actually had a purpose and motivations for his actions. So far he has been sidelined and his character has been wasted, but finally it looks like he may be joining the team on their travels. I really hope he is brought in to the main cast or at the very least given a reoccurring role; after all there is only room for three on the Lifeboat.

Or just perhaps on of the cast members will have a reason for not wanting to travel in time anymore? In the closing moments of this episode Timeless pulls one of those, just one more device it is so good at doing. As Wyatt and Lucy share a tender moment you just know that any moment now the rug will get pulled out from under us, and sure enough the whole driving force of season one is brought crashing back down to earth with the reveal that Wyatt's dead wife is very much alive. I really hope the writers have a plan for this and not simply use this as a love triangle for some tedious drama that no one cares about.

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