Legends of Tomorrow: 3.16 I, Ava

There’s a lot going on in this episode. Sara decides she needs a holiday after her break up with Ava because if there is one these heroes love more than saving the world, it’s taking a day off. She puts Amaya in charge (why?) but before she gets a chance to head off Gary pops up, worried that Ava has gone missing – so Sara, Ray and Gary head off to find her.

Amaya, being the great leader she is, immediately tasks Zari with training Rory to use his totem, the job she was asked to do, and tries to go on a mission to save her granddaughter. Nate and Wally convince her it makes more sense for them to go and everyone splits up for a very well constructed split story.

The key to this story is finding out the secret behind Ava. I feel that the show could have hinted at something a little earlier but Legends of Tomorrow moves at a pretty hectic pace anyway so the fact that we find out there’s a secret one week and resolve it the next isn’t that crazy.

After some digging – including a tense visit to Ava’s boring parents - Sara and co find out that there is a forbidden time (2213) that no one is allowed to visit. So of course they visit it. There they discover that Ava is a popular clone that can be purchased and put to work in various different sectors. This causes Sara some stress as she is literally surrounded by her ex. Of course they go to the source factory where another Ava try to kill them for intruding or something.

I’m kind of bored of Gary now. His first few appearances were great fun and the frustrated familiarity of everyone calling him Gary, never anything vaguely professional like his sir name or a codename, was a nice gag. But he’s been popping up a bit to often and had a little too much influence of the progression of the plot now; here, he’s actually just irritating. His constant wide eyed expression of inappropriate sexual attraction to his boss actually gets a bit creepy and the joke wears thin fast. Back it up Gary, a little goes a long way, okay.

When they bring Ava to the clone factory we get some good moments – like her confession that in a moment of weakness after breaking up, she set up an Upswipz account (up and down really is more intuitive). I actually kind of like Ava’s vulnerability around Sara, there is something very sweet about it. Ava of course goes through the usual oh no, I’m a clone my life is a lie crisis that all clones go through but being Legends of Tomorrow it is short lived. Before long, she’s beating up an army of herself – and who doesn’t enjoy watching someone beat up an army of their own clones? The editing and split screen in this story were very good.

There are a lot of great gags in the episode, delivered with great pace and timing not to mention a fantastic use of a convex zoom when Rory calls Zari a bitch. There is also some fantastic interplay between Damien and Nate when the former is meant to be torturing the latter but is actually using the time for an impromptu therapy session. This shows more nice progression of Damian turning on Mallus who is basically using and killing his daughter.

While the Ava reveal wasn’t that exciting and also seemed a bit predictable, this was still a fun episode. But I do wonder if perhaps things are stretching just a little as we approach the finale? I feel as though, with a little shuffling of the subplots, we could have dropped last the last two weeks without the over-arcing story suffering. Still, I’d rather watch a Legends of Tomorrow filler episode than a lot of other show's plot heavy episodes anyday.

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