Supergirl: 3.12 For Good

This isn’t the worst episodes of this season but things are still dragging a little for me. The Reign storyline is less prominent and things aren’t too DEO heavy, which is nice but Supergirl the character and Supergirl the show need to pull up their respective boots and get over themselves.

The main story revolves around Lena and Morgen, with the ongoing side plot of Sam/Reign. Morgan Edge is an interesting villain, and has popped up in comics and other adaptations in various forms. In Supergirl he’s less crime boss and more Ross Webster and with no Lex Luthor around, this fits fairly well, especially as he provides a clear rival for Lena. But over all he’s quite boring and uninteresting in long term way, mostly just providing annoying irritation to Lena. Lena takes centre stage this week and this was great to see, especially since I’m getting bored of the Girl of Steel herself.

Morgan Edge is being targeted by a killer but he tries to spin this into an accusation that Lena is out to get him – this allows for Lena and her buddies to do some detective work and then a little morally conflicted heroing. I like that Lena has the potential to go over to the dark side, with her Luthor heritage and an arsehole like Morgan Edge stabbing at her sides, it would be easy for her to snap and episodes like this put her in a gently tense situation where we feel like she might just do something a bit Luthory.

Personally, I don’t want to see Lena go bad, it would feel a waste and well as predictable. Unless she goes crazy and shoots Jaaaames in the head for mansplaining, that I’d be cool with. (yup, Lena/Jimmy is still a thing it seems).

We get more of Sam this week, for all I find the whole character integration forced I do like the fact that she sensibly tells her friends that she’s been blacking out and they approach it as a normal health problem and they, as friends, try to help her, a reminder that not everything in their lives is aliens and super villains (okay, this is and alien super villain but they don’t know that yet). The DEO takes a back seat this week which was refreshing Though Mon-El and the gang do turn up to help Supergirl in the finale.

Supergirl herself is less mopey this week, perhaps because she’s not centre of the story but she seems to be getting less Mon-El obsessed. There are some fun moments this week and it’s always nice to see a Lena heavy episodes and the friendship between the core group of women (which is centre forward this week) is great, even if I don’t totally buy how quickly everyone became besties.

I do feel like this show has lost its way and while there are some obvious causes to point at (no Cat, the dead end of James’ character, too much Mon-El pining) its hard to truly pint-pont exactly what’s wrong. There is a just a general sort of funk set in that the show can’t quite shake. The Flash had a mopey third season, with everyone being down and gloomy but even in the midst of that it stayed fun and entertaining, Supergirl taking a darker turn isn’t itself a problem but the lack of fun is. Lets hope they can follow The Flash and brighten things up in season four otherwise the shine might just go off the Girl of Steel.

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