Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 5.07 Together or Not at All

Last episode was intense, exciting and would have worked perfectly as the penultimate episode. Typically when situations like this occur, the following instalment is flat and lives in the shadows of its predecessors, regardless of how good it actually was. Thankfully this episode was just as explosive and portrayed no intention of lowering the ante. This time around we get a semi-team reunion (minus May who’s currently on the Earth’s surface), and Fitz’s plan of escape using his spacecraft is quickly turned on its head when Kasius destroys it.

Together or Not at All focuses heavily on Kasius, his relationship with his family (mainly his brother) and Sinara. Showing that the two siblings are polar opposites, Kasius concerns himself with the scar left on his face from last episode, while his brother says he should wear it with pride as a battle scar. Immediately it’s explained that the reason Kasius is running the space station is punishment for abandoning an outpost his father ordered him to defend. However with his men dead and only Sinara left to help fend off enemies, Kasius had no choice but to run. This scene further outlined the belief system of the Kree, that they believe a fight should be to the death regardless of the odds. This was possibly the weakest part of this episode; I felt it diminished Kasius’s presence as a villain, while in the company of his brother, he showed weakness and cowardice.

Next was a look at the Earth’s surface with an exiled May and the aliens that now reside there. The imagery is excellent; a blackened wasteland perhaps not the hardest to achieve but well done nonetheless. The aliens, again not that unique but still looked brilliant. When May comes face to face with one, all seems lost, that’s until Enoch arrives and kills it. Apparently, they pose no threat to him as he doesn’t have any “tender insides” for them to eat. The dynamic between these two is immediately electric, as she discovers, simply by hearing his voice, that he was the one responsible for capturing the agents from the diner. The two quickly settle their differences when May learns about Fitz’s arrival in the future; the two are captured during a gravity storm by unknown hooded strangers.

Back on the space station, Coulson, Mack and Yoyo are forced to tell Flint (their new inhuman with rock powers) that his friend Tess was murdered. This obviously upsets him and he goes into a clichéd depression phase, beating himself up emotionally for not being able to protect the ones he loves; even a pep talk from Mack doesn’t work. Once the remaining team arrives for a brief but powerful reunion, Flint disappears. We see him confront the Kree who are looking for him, wearing a hooded cloak, which is very reminiscent of Star Wars. He reveals himself and creates an awesome rock dagger to kill the Kree. Admittedly, I thought his powers were silly at first, but the more I see them on screen the more awesome I’m finding them.

The Agents go in search of Flint and discover he’s been captured by Sinara. In true Daisy fashion, she offers herself in order to spare Flint. Sinara says she’ll take both just as the remaining agents arrive to form a rescue. It was very predictable but entertaining all the same. The team lock themselves in a seemingly inescapable room, as Deke (oh, sorry, did I forget to mention he is back all of a sudden) has the idea of using his anti-gravity device to escape, which they all use individually to get away from their Kree assailants. They arrive at another spacecraft where the only one technically capable of flying it is Flint, but he decides to stay and use his powers to help free the people on the station. Regardless of his “no splitting up” rule, Mack decides to stay behind with him which causes Yo Yo to do the same. As much as this development was touching, it feels somewhat forced, to generate more story, I don’t hate it but I am not fully sold on the idea as of yet.

The episode finishes with one final bit of intrigue. After failing to capture the Agents, Sinara, using her balls of fury, kills the Kree warrior sent by Kasius’s brother. Sinara returns to Kasius and his brother to reveal the bad news. Appearing both overjoyed and shocked, Kasius stabs his brother from behind, followed by another in front. He then massages his brother’s blood in his hands and face, which for any other Kree would have seemed normal, but with Kasius looked really sadistic. Alongside Sinara, the two map out their plans to get back the Destroyer of Worlds and gain his father’s respect. We also learn that Fitz wasn’t the only survivor of the past as an old lady holding a robin appears to greet an injured May.

I must say I really enjoyed this episode; it flowed alongside the previous instalment perfectly. The imagery on the Earth’s surface was fantastic and created such an explosion of interest in such a small space of time. The development for Kasius, Flint and the main cast were all superb and it has generated further excitement for episodes to come.

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